The Great Year

Below is an enlightening film exploring the Yugas or Great Years from a scientific perspective. It brings forth the possibility that our sun is binary, which would explain much about the cyclic path of the Earth. I had never heard this theory before, nor unlike a lot of “new” science I come across these days, has my inner-planes mentor ever mentioned it in all my years of working with him. So I took this to ThothHorRa.

Maia: Thoth, is it true that our sun orbits another star every 24,000 years?

Thoth: Yes the secondary “star” is a dark star – that is not visible in the light spectrum. It is actually an inverse energy field to your solar sun, created out of that sun in the distant past.

Maia: Thoth then refers me to a past transmission in an article I wrote a few years ago. I quote from this here:

 When we say that a star is being “birthed” from another star…

 This not something understood by scientists of your world. They can view the results of this occurrence when the light of it’s happening reaches their telescopes…dimly. But they do not understand what they are seeing. The star giving birth does not rip open and spill out another star. Instead, the Mother Star changes the spin of its magneto-field and out of that long strands (light years in length) of “dark matter” (invisible) particles come spiraling out. These stands then are drawn together in the birthing field the Mother has created and will eventually form another star which will contain an encoding that links it to it’s Mother.

 The Child Star then, is a new dimensional “place” for the intelligence of the Mother Star. Yet it has it’s own signature as well. It is in this way that every star…every one in the universe is related in a complex Family Tree through branching “signatures of light.” – excerpted from ANBA’NOOR ~ House of the Crystal Star

Maia: Other than obvious orbit factors in what other way may this secondary “dark star” effect the cycles of human enlightenment and darkness?

 Thoth: As the Mayan In Lak’ech – “I AM another you” – so it is with the dark star of a bright sun. It brings the mirror of the soul to each planet through it’s Solar Field. thus, these enlightenment cycles are perpetuated. However, when the Earth “ascends” from a World System I to a World System II and is returned to its true home within the Star-Sun Rigel, an advancement of “enlightenment” will come forth as a continual stream, without the intermittent retrograde dark phases. (again Thoth refers me here to ANBA’NOOR ~ House of the Crystal Star)

The post-video Question & Answer with the authors-producers of The Great Year video – CLICK HERE to view.


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The Rendlesham Code & Hy Brasil

Originally posted on Tribelight Station:

This information really belongs in two of my many blogs, so re-blogging in The Crystalline Matrix.

depiction of Rendlesham Forest incident

depiction of Rendlesham Forest incident

I was watching a video on the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO landing by a US military base in the UK in 1980. Discussed, was the binary code given to one of the officers when he touched a symbol on the space craft. In 2010 it was deciphered through a binary coding computer (not available in 1980).


and then gave some Earth-planet coordinates. The “Source” for these coordinates being right where the legendary Hy Brasil was said to exist!

You can read about the Rendlesham Forest occurrence and the binary code HERE. Make sure and click on the link at the bottom of the page: “Official Rendlesham Binary Code Decipher Page.”

The following short video gives some basic info…

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The Rega Passage

Alleged leaked NASA photo - possibly fake, but does give an energetically valid image of the electromagnetic hyper openings at the poles.

Alleged leaked NASA photo – possibly fake, but does give an energetically valid image of the electromagnetic hyper openings at the poles.

The following was taken from an article Source issue 3 – 1980 from my archived periodicals, all of which soon will only be available to Kyi’Ra Portal members. It is discussing Earth dynamics in relationship to Inner Earth (Hollow Earth).


One of the major sciences of the Central Earth Races is that of “lumni-optics,” the science of
interactive light waves in space/time/ether. The main force of this study is upon the dimensional
capability created when interacting light waves act as independent variables, altering existing
time frames and ether states. To the surface bound, lumni-optics would be a complex and
difficult science to comprehend, and so we will dispense with the full scale explanation here and
concentrate on one aspect of lumni-optics which is germane to the Interior Earth and essential as
well to the holistic properties of the entire planet. The Atoma, or central sun of earth, is like the
heart of the planet. It contracts and expands in a pulsing action, sending energy waves through
the space of the central cavity and out into the many arteries in the stone – the caverns, natural
tunnels and “pores” of the planet. Within the Atoma, there are four polarity chambers. They are
composed of atoms which contain “inverted nucleus, caused by the incomplete chain reaction of
hydrogen changing into helium (see Source 1-80, on black hole effect). To get a mental image
of this, picture a living, human heart inside a sphere. The heart is composed of what we will call
here “hyper-atoms,” atoms with inverted nucleus. The rest of the sphere is composed of non-hyper
atoms, or atoms with normal nucleus. Within the heart see the four main heart chambers,
the right and left auricles and the right and left ventricles. This then, is the scenario for
examination of the heart center of the Atoma, the “regula aspa.” The two chambers on the right
side of the human heart are in harmony with the positively polarized side of the regula aspa. The
left side of the human heart is synchronous with the negatively charged hyper-atoms of the
Atoma heart’s two chambers on the side opposite to their positively charged counterpart

Now shift your gaze to the Solar Sun, giver of germination and warmth to our surface domain.
This radiant orb is the “Atana.” Star suns contain a center of pulsing reflexes or atomas as well,
but they differ in structure from the heart of earth Atoma (which are usually found in planetary
spheres). Our sun has an atoma which is in a less advanced spiritual “fire” than some of the
hierarchical stars, as Orion or the Pleiades. These stages of advancement cannot be detected

with physical scientific acquisition of data. It is accessible in terms beyond our known
determination of universal laws. The atom seed (Atoma) of the solar sun interacts with the
earth’s atoma through the medium of light waves, which is the optic evidence of magnetic and
other advanced energy waves. As discussed in Source #1-80, the natural polar openings of earth
are not obvious to surface dwelling consciousness or optical spectrum, unless an individual were
to enter a window, or more closely defined, an angle synchronous to the spectral-polar magnetic
lenses capping the windows Southern and Northern Doors (polar openings). Once something
enters through these windows, it must suddenly adjust to a different etheric field, one of much
higher frequency than the surface ecosphere’s etheric matrix engenders. Some human beings
would be capable of surviving this (as well as the change in atmospheric density, higher level of
oxygen purity, etc.) although it would register as a shock to his sensory and nervous system. A
beam of light from the sun, however, would go through quite a different experience than a living
entity. As light travels from our sun toward the earth, it locates the polar field’s intensity of
etheric current through a collective mind or spontaneous quanta directive. The light waves
become excited by intense streams of etheric “motion” and flare into “novas” or sudden bursts of
intelligent harmony. This is evidenced to scientists in the puzzling particle versus wave effect of
light. The particle effect is a result of discrete units of “thinking” waves, not on the level which
we reason, but nevertheless a cognate response to the ether stream. Ether streams are created by
intense concentrations of dimensional pull, opposite attraction, or several other functioning
modes of existence through which ether accepts energy and advances that energy. Ether, very
simply defined, is a module for dimensional receptivity of space and time. Ether states give the
command to form, to expand, to reduce. The ether is commanded by the universal laws of the
Harmonies… discussions and definitions along this line could go on indefinitely, so let us return
to the perimeters of this issue’s context.

The various programs of the ether computer or command pulse are defined as x-grams. Each
x-gram supplies a line or continuity band for a specific entity of function. These lock together to
produce the whole working body of image-form-function-replication-assimilation-absorption
back into the etheric computer to be reprocessed. Thus, as the light beam traveling from the
solar sun toward the earth attaches its directive code to the earth stream of the earth’s solar
vortex, the incoming light beams migrate their etheric quality toward the polar doors of the
planet. As the light beam approaches the polar door, say the northern apex, it has become
“special” in that its etheric x-grams are active at the amplitude of the energy package’s quality.
This energy package is the light waves as well as the magnetic properties and other refined
energy types of the whole energy beam. When the energy beam enters through the Northern
apex (and this it can do easily as its x-grams have adapted its function for harmonious reception
by the spectral-polar lenses) it enters the Rega Passage, a funnel of sensitive particles, so high in
etheric bonding as to be almost inter-dimensional. This passage leads straight to the Atoma and
into the regula apsa.


To continue with this article and full issue, please find in the Vault of Thoth within my Kyi’Ra Portal.

For a better understanding of the Inner Earth domain.


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Laniakea and the Maiden Grid


In September 2014 a group of astronomers led by R. Brent Tully of the University of Hawaii identified the supercluster to which our galaxy, the Milky Way, belongs. They called it Laniakea, a Hawaiian name that means “spacious heaven.” The Laniakea Supercluster is believed to be home to 100,000 galaxies. Our Milky Way is believed to contain between 200 and 400 billion stars and at least 100 billion planets. Our star, the Sun, has eight major planets, one of which Earth.

Bearing in mind that Laniakea is only one of numerous superclusters, traditional notions of a god of the universe who pays special attention to our Earth present us with two alternatives: we can be incredibly arrogant and insist that Earth is favored over billions or trillions of other planets and stars, or we can turn to some other understanding of deity.

Modern esoteric teachings offer the notion of a hierarchy of Logoi, each of which ensouls a planet, a star, a portion of a galaxy, and so forth. Our Planetary Logos is the deity whom we can reasonably call “God” and who is described quite accurately in scripture, written at a time when the universe was thought to consist of a flat Earth under a celestial dome not far up in the sky.

The Earth Logos shares the life of our Solar Logos, who ensouls the whole solar system. In turn the Solar Logos shares the life of a greater Logos whose “physical body,” esoteric teachers tell us, is one corner of the Milky Way Galaxy encompassing the star Sirius, the constellations of the Great Bear and the Pleiades, our solar system, and no doubt other star systems. Beyond that “cosmic Logos” there must be a succession of even greater Logoi, until we come to that Being—awesome and powerful beyond imagination—who ensouls the Supercluster Laniakea. – from Christianity and Esotericism


Mount Wai'ale'ale, Kaua'i - font of the Phi Gate

Mount Wai’ale’ale, Kaua’i – font of the Phi Gate

From my Thoth Transmissions

Toward the end of 2004 and into the first months of 2005, a new light grid will form around the Roil Point of the planet (located on the Big Island of Hawaii). This is the point where energy streams upward as a core beam from the solar atoma at the center of the earth. This new light grid we call the “Maiden” for it resonates as a divine feminine ‘virgin-child’ coming out of the Mother’s flow at Mauna Loa & Kilauea. The Maiden will gently turn in the deep and the dolphins and sea turtles will follow new paths in the ocean.

3) The Phi Gate is the entry point into the planet for the New Earth Hologram. This Gate comes through the Star Capstone directly into the “crown chakra” of Hawai’i, which is the island of Kauai, and down into the roil point of the planet (all of the Hawaiian Islands with the center being Mauna Loa on the Big Island).

Thoth: Through the Phi Gate the true phi geometry is organized into the New Hologram, which is infusing and growing the Maiden Grid. Once the Maiden Grid is completed (sometime between March 23rd and April 5th of 2005), “She” (the grid) will “give birth” to the New Hologram phi geometry, out into the whole earth dynamic. All earth and temple grids will be in receipt of this New Earth program of Light. – read complete article-transmission

Maia / Thoth 2014

Maia: Thoth, is there a connection between the Laniakea Supercluster and the Maiden Grid of the Hawaiian Islands, and if so what is it?

Thoth: We would bestow the name to the Maiden Grid as Pualaniakea – Child or Flower of Laniakea. The drawing out of the Maiden Grid energetics from the central atoma of the Earth was a “call” from the Great Mother, Laniakea (supercluster containing the Milky Way).

To understand the true “being” of Laniakea and Her connection to her daughter Pualaniakea, one must comprehend the nature of superclusters and indeed the cosmos itself. The universe is a “living body” – it is in a sense, the vessel of the GOD all seek to know. Of course there are many universes, and thus bodies of GOD, but let us focus for a moment on the One which harbors Earth.



You might say that this GOD has many heads, arms and hands. Each brain/head is formed of a supercluster. In the video above you may see the outline of the skull around the brain of the supercluster. Notice that in one position it is the shape of an elongated skull…like unto the Beings of the RISE (Maia: ??). They are the ones who guardian the portals of Laniakea.

Each supercluster brain or Mahasma, Has it’s own distinct brainwave pattern, just as do living beings on Earth. There is a form of consciousness the the Mahasma. It is far more expansive and complex than the human awareness. Remember as we have previously told you, what you call “Angels” dwell within the Living Lights or star suns. The star suns compose the substance of the superclusters. thus each Mahasma contains beyond trillions of “Angels.” This is just one perspective of the whole, but it given to offer you a feeling of the vast consciousness and beauty of the Abodes of the Mahasma.

The Mahasma of Laniakea in the Mother Realm-brain of Earth. On Earth, her Child, Pualaniakea opens as a Flower of Life in order that the PHI of Heaven may run through the portals (veins) of Earth and her Kindred.

Maia: Who are the Beings of RISE and what does RISE mean?

Thoth: The RISE are those who guardian the Portals of Laniakea…the points of access through her passages. They have come to Earth in the physical at various times – or rather, their Kindred have. RISE means Retunda Ikronos Sati Eautava. These are the names of the Four Star Families who come together in the RISE. The names are sound frequencies, thus I do not give defintion to them in an earthly understanding.

The Mahasma carry many forms of beings…and we do not speak here of just those who live in “bodies” on “planets” but include those who swim in the sea of Her Light.

Laniakea supercluster

Laniakea supercluster

 related article on web


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Gobi Desert Revelations


Two articles in recently came to my attention: 

What Caused The Unexplained Change In Europeans’ DNA 4000-5000 Years Ago? and

Mysterious Gobi Sea And A Huge Land Inhabited By The Real Sons Of God.

My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa has spoken to me about the Gobi Desert in the past…about a Celestial Race inhabiting a then lush land. Also, he told me of a “seeding” before that time. An intentional seeding orb smashing into the Gobi when it was not populated, which caused it to become charged with a current of energy, something like a dome of Light. In that “dome” so a unique environment was engendered in preparation for the Celestial Race. The atmosphere within the invisible dome was breathable h20, but the electromagnetic charge was much higher in frequency. After several hundred years the dome integrated with the atmosphere of Earth at that time, slowly stabilizing the inhabitants with to the Earth’s EM field.

These “Celestials” Thoth calls the Telokl’an.  They originally came from the worlds of Rigel in Orion, The Pleiades and Sirius. Thus they combined genetically to create the Telokl’an.  The purpose of this Celestial Race was to re-seed the genetics of the Earth to bring it back on track, after the massive genetic manipulation have been done to humans some time previously in Earth’s history. This infusion was profound and noticeable in time.

The one main “City” of the Telokl’an was Ghubara, in the center of the Great Lake. The building were made of a special glass, finely spun…that vibrated with a slight and pleasing hum which could be felt more than heard. It helped to maintain the frequency of the Celestials in their new environment, once the sky dome integrated with the outside world.

In reference to the messagetoeagle articles above, the 4000-5000 time period was when the genetic infusion from the Telokl’an took place. Understand that there were many volunteers. No human was dragged from their beds at night. The population that sought to integrate genetics with were more than eager to do so. Not all peoples of the Earth at that time, but many in certain genetic groupings….were suffering with ill health and physical abnormalities due to the tampering of several thousand years previous. A book could be written about this…but I doubt I will be the one to write it. Too much for me at this stage of my life.

In our current world, there is a new less conspicuous genetic correction being given to us, through the creation of what Thoth calls the Children of Abrahim.


from web ( according to Thoth, the piping was part of the creation of the dome and the atmosphere within it.)

An iron pyramid 60 metres high has been found on the banks of a salt water lake in the Qinghai Province in China. In front of the pyramid are three caves wive perfectly symmetrical triangular entrances. The cave in the middle is the largest. Inside on the ground of all three caves pipes were found. In the largest cave a 40 cm piece of pipe was found spliced in half. Another pipe that is red & brown in colour is embedded in the frozen floor of the middle cave. Outside the caves lay many remains of many pipes amongst strange shaped stones. Some pipes lead into the lake. This iron pyramid is sited at the foot of the Baigong Shan Mountain in a remote corner of Qinghai Province, 40 km from the nearest large urban areas. The Xinhua News Agency has furiously speculated this structure is the remains of a launch pad rumoured to be between 30,000 & 200,000 BCE. Qin Jianwen, leader of the Delingha Government Publicity Department says the environment is very harsh on Baigong Sh!an Mountain, so nobody lives there. Ye Zhou from the Lanzhou Morning News witnessed the structure & felt the area by the lake to be very,very creepy. The pipes have been tested after retrieval from the shoreline and found to contain 30% Ferric Oxide,31% Silicon Dioxide, 31% Calcium Oxide & 8% of a chemical compound labeled as totally ‘unidentifiable’. Engineer Liu Shaolin from the Xitieshan Smelting Plant carried out the chemical analysis. Liu Shaolin found the pipes to be 5000 years old. The Delingha GPD is billing the iron pyramid an ‘ET relic’ & has put up road signs to that effect.


The HEX-I-AM Grid Revisited


from my Spirit Mythos website . . .

What do cetaceans and crystals have in common? According to the Record of Thoth, they both communicate through an earth energy grid he calls the “HEX-I-AM.” This is a six-fold bandwidth of electrically-charged impulses emitted from the crystalline matrix of the planet. Certain highly evolved creatures such as cetaceans and devic (nature) angelic beings that are invisible to us (including what we have come to mythologize as ‘unicorns’) communicate through the HEX-I-AM earth bandwidth. The HEX-I-AM is spun into delicate webs of Light-Song through piezoelectric action in the crystalline structure of this sphere. Creatures and high devas of the earth move Light-sound synthesis along these channels to not only “talk” to one another but to BUILD planetary dimensions other than the one we currently are aware exists! What is the purpose of this creation? The impulse to harmonize in the universe–to creating bridges and paths to SOURCE.

The HEX-I-AM is the physical energy field. The HOLOCRYSTAL is the ESSENCE field. The 22 SAFIK Radial Points are the “nerve centers” that connect the Individuals Light and Energy bodies from the Mazzaroth (full Light) energy realm to the Mazaloth (Heaven) Light realm. The more in-balance the individual ‘s “nerve centers” are, the more contact can be made for them between these universal zones. The “Safik” level of Substantiation (as Thoth calls it) is part of the HOLOCRYSTAL, in which MIND, BODY and SPIRIT become finely integrative and communicative forms of LIVING LIGHT as one “egg” or “crystal” holographed through the creational wave forms of the universe. Those living beings who are currently outside of the Holocrystal (most humanity on earth) are not in sync with this radiant pulse. On HIGHER levels of their Light structure they are part of the HOLOCRYSTAL, but this is only a small fraction of their being that is maintaining that frequency. To truly dwell in the HOLOCRYSTAL as the dolphins do, we must bring ALL our conscious and unconscious self-links into the no-self field of the HOLOCRYSTAL.

There are certain points on the planet where the High Devas (including cetaceans) ‘seed’ their Holocrystal ‘pearls.’ These pearls are gem-thoughts–composites of the finest ‘Light Language’ songs which they weave through the HEX-I-AM. I am not simply speaking metaphorically here. These pearls are actual energy-banded devic thought packages, humming at a frequency beyond human hearing, yet for the higher devic creatures and beings, this hum is the symphony of life. Each pearl or package of gem-thoughts is as I said, ‘finely woven.’ This means that the energy signals are synthesized to the most delicately braided quality, as to contain many ‘orchestrations’ nested together in perfect symmetry and harmonics.

The seed-pearls are collected at specific energy nodes on the planet–too numerous to name them all here. An essential qualification for a pearl nodal point on the HEX-I-AM grid is a region that is especially rich in devic activity, such as tropical islands and rain forests. However, they are also found in locations that may seem more barren and yet are wealthy in crystal power–for the crystals contain devic beings as well.

Another source of Holocrystal seed-pearls are what is known as ‘blue holes’ in the oceans of the world. These are deep pathways under the sea that show from the surface of the water as especially deep blue. The blue holes create strong piezoelectric fields, which the devas are attracted to in the HEX-I-AM grid.

Humans can interact with the crystals/cetaceans/other high devic beings through linking our crystalline DNA into the HEX-I-AM and most importantly into the Essence-field of the Holocrystal itself. We can do this through ASKING for it and truly desiring this communication to create greater evolution of Spirit for the earth and is entire population of life. Selfishness finds no part in this receptivity. One cannot find true connection into the Holocrystal if they are simply seeking a exciting phenomena. The desire must come from the divinity within that calls us into true planetary service. As we ‘link’ into the Holocrystal in this manner, we eventually expand our own gnosis within that field, rather than just piggy-backing it, as the initial linking will do.

There are certain crystals on the planet that are within the care of humanity now, which radiate the Holocrystal Light consciousness to a high degree and are a strong pathway of the HEX-I-AM. Because humans are interacting with these crystals, this act is opening the seal between devic and human once again.

Let us all rejoice in the Song of Life that the devic beings sing all around us! In this way, we will reclaim the gift of the HOLOCRYSTAL.


Now, in 2014 . . .

The HEX-I-AM grid of the Earth is supplying the sub-atomic “nutrients” to the Pyramidis Radius Matrix continuing to develop on the Earth. The “seed-pearls” are these packets of nectar-information that grows the PRM. As each holo-pyramid forms within the PRM, so it’s building blocks come from the information-rich HEX-I-AM seed- pearls.

Human beings and indeed all life on Earth, contribute to the seed-pearls. Each person’s soul information then, is becoming part of a holo-pyramid within the PRM! So is every lion, pussycat, elephant and German Shepherd. The PRM then, is creating Noah’s Arks within it’s dome of Light.

In my activational video, Pyramidis Radius 101, my inner planes mentor ThothHorRa has woven the seed-pearl codes into the music and images in a sequence that brings the individual into a more heart-coherent patterning with the PRM and that part of themselves within it…becoming, unfolding as the mortar of the holo-pyramids within!

Kyi’Ra Portal members may watch Pyramidis Radius 101 HERE (see link and password on the page).


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