Rujm el-Hiri – An Akashic View

Rujm el-Hiri

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“Research at Rujm el-Hiri, a Bronze Age megalithic monument in the southern Levant (Israel), provides a broad insight into two episodes in the prehistory of the Levant-the construction and usage of the Early Bronze Age (EBA) ceremonial complex, and the erection of a cairn at the center of the monument some 1500 years later. Excavations in 1988-1991 provide information on Rujm el-Hiri’s geometry, alignment associations between the architecture of the complex and celestial bodies and events, physical elements in the landscape, and local ecology-related phenomena. We also examine the significance of timekeeping and its implications for the agricultural calendar and cosmological domains of the local cultures, Data drawn from archaeological, astronomical, ethnohistorical, and biblical sources reveal the sophistication of the 3rd millennium B.C. construction phase of the Rujm el-Hiri complex. Among the finds reported are the systematic use of a measuring unit to construct the site; the establishment of an accurate alignment system for both celestial and non-celestial elements in the landscape; the organization of an orientation calendar as a basis for economic activities; and the hints of a rich cosmology. Overall, our study of the Rujm el-Hiri megalithic phenomena reveals a level of cultural complexity not previously documented in the Levant of the 3rd millennium B.C.”  – web source

My akashic investigations reveal to me that the temple ruins of Rujm el-Hiri is only the latest in a succession of levels, there being three in all, one built atop the other. The oldest level was the CheRu Agha, constructed a few hundred years before the last gasp of Atlantis as a nation kingdom. CheRu Agha was a major astro-temple of that age, along with Stonehenge and a very few others (of that level of sophistication). This point on the planet is a major node in the TUR AK sub-system grid, shaped like an hour glass of sorts, taking in many sacred sites within Jersualem (Mount of Olives, Dome of the Rock, etc).  Further out, inside and about the TUR AK sub-grid are a plethora of major Earth points, including  Venus Temples and the main hub of the Templa Mar grid on the plateau of Masada. The other defining nodes of this grid are the Great Pyramid, Mecca and a point near Bahrain ThothHorRa refers to as the “Tree of Life.”

The center where this hour-glass “X” crosses is out in the middle of nowhere in Saudi Arabia. However, during the last days of Atlantis there was a grand academy complex there called Umu’Kruhm. It was dedicated to the whole ascension program of the planet. Many of the scientists and scholars who worked under Thoth Raismes of Aphra (now ThothHorRa) on the reconstruction of the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid) were from this academy.

Returning to the astro-temple complex of CheRu Agha (Rujm el-Hiri), this site was considered at the time one of the most sacred points on the planet in relationship to the Heavens. Why? Because it had originally been founded by the Star Kindred of Rigel (in Orion) and was at the time, a very active stellar node on the planet. It has since reduced in activity but is beginning to “come alive” again, along with Stonehenge.

The area of CheRu Agha contains a strong ultra-magnetic field, meaning a specific supra-magnetic oscillating frequency coming from it’s stellar node geometry. Any crystals charged in this area would become “Phi” (Phi Crystals) within a few minutes. This would be true for crystals charged at Stonehenge and in the Pyramid of Giza as well (among other sites carrying strong stellar-earth pulses of Phi).

center of the original CheRu Agha (art by Maia)


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