Chinese Jade & Crystals

Maia wearing multi-colored jade and a lime green-red combo

I now have available for sale some of the Chinese jade in necklace strands I made (with clasps and ready to wear), as well as a few pieces of the rare crystals.

It has been revealed to me that the Chinese jade is especially attuned to the Dragon energy of the planet, as it is mined in nodes through which strong “dragon” ley line currents run through.

The dragon energy of the Earth comes from the first creation of the planet. It’s “nest” is deep in the outer layer of the central sun atoma of the planet, ringing it’s black hole at the very center.

Read more about the dragons and the energy realm they come from.

Also the Dragon Pearls.

The jade below to me are “pearls” as well on some level as they encapsulate the original dragon nest energy of the Earth.

green and white-grey mix

Above are two necklaces, one a mottled green and the other grey & white mix. Each of these pieces is $40.00, shipping not included.

white with some grey traces and very light green

Some white-grey and the very light green (one between the other two). the top one contains one large green mottled bead.  This jade is all from the Kunlun Mountains. $40.00 each piece, not including shipping.

green mottled and white

There is one green mottled color and the other two are white with some faint grey tones in some of the beads. the bottom one I included a cute little “hono” (Hawaiian for sea turtle).  The green mottled jade is from the Kunlun Mountains. Each of these pieces is $40.00, shipping not included.

Quan Yin with light green jade

Quan Yin surrounded by light green jade. $45.00, shipping not included.

multi-colored, one with pendant

Multi-colored jade beads. The one with the pendant is $60.00. The strand which will be made into a necklace, ready to wear is $45.00, shipping not included.

grey and grey-white

These are also seen as beads on strings but will be made into necklaces for the customer.  $40. per necklace, shipping not included.

my jade jewelry

Any of these beads you may wish to re-string with a special pendant, although they are beautiful as simply strands. To give you an idea how they look complimenting pendants, above is a photograph of my own jade – pendant combinations.

Chinese "Blue Sky"

Here are some large chunks of the rare “Blue Sky” mined in central China. I have no idea with the actual mineral mixture of the crystals are but they are quite incredible! I have received that they are somewhat on the frequency of Lorimar, only a bit more potent in that they are mined right in a ley line connecting many points in Asia. A very feminine “Quan Yin” vibration from them, as is the Chinese jade. A major “New Earth” crystal. $30.00 each piece, shipping not included.

Quartz from Mount Kailash

Quartz (large) from the sacred WESAK mountain of Kailash in Tibet. This quartz is somewhat clearer than it appears in the photograph, and is an amber color. $25.00 each piece, shipping not included.


If you are interested in purchasing any of the above, please contact me directly. How much you order and where you live will determine the shipping cost.

Also of interest is the manuscript by Debbie Dipperstarlight on the DRAGON ELDERS . You will need to then click on “Dragon Elders at the left side of the page.



2 thoughts on “Chinese Jade & Crystals

  1. These are absolutely beautiful Maia! Stunningly so. You have a great eye for
    combining and designing, I play around with doing it and did in the 70’s and even sold some, but nothing as beautiful as these are! Now it’s too hard for
    me to do much, my fingers are clubs…you know…and can’t hold on to things
    plus need to magnify really large to see how to do things. Maddening, but
    was something I liked doing long ago. You’re still young enough…and you look beautiful…so YOUNG! You are a beautiful American lady Love, wjh


  2. Hello Maia,

    I don’t know where I am able to order so I put my order here.
    Your Necklaces are very beautiful.
    I would like order this multicolored without pendant.
    Are all the jade beads?

    Thank you very much




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