Skellig Michael – Threading the Needle

Michael Skellig

Skelling Michael was built in 588 AD on a steep rocky island about 12 kilometers off the coast of County Kerry, Ireland. Skellig Michael survived a Viking raid in 823 AD and later was significantly expanded with a new chapel around the start of the second millennium.

The site was abandoned around 1100. Starting in the 1500s, Skellig Michael became a popular destination for annual pilgrimages, but attracted no permanent residents.   – web source

According to my akashic investigation and the streaming from my inner planes mentor ThothHorRa, Michael Skellig (Sceilg Mhicil) acts as the “Eye of the Needle” for a massive planetary grid system which has many grids within it. It is a juncture where several main lines of force from these grids intersect. Thus it is a key node for inserting higher consciousness dynamics in the transfer of current Earth to New Earth Star frequencies, building the New Earth Hologram in which the world is now being wrapped within.

Light worker Aine Armour and a group of similar-minded individuals made the journey to the Skelligs and climbed to a point on Michael where they felt strongly pulled to “thread the needle.”

From Aine’s own writing concerning this event…

The Skellig Islands first appeared on my inner screen in 2004. I was told to bring a crystal there after my very first Sacred Journey to Ireland 2005, which was to Bere Island. It was at that time that I connected with Maia and then with Bill Buehler. We put the Skelligs on the Reshel Grid. Through combined attunement we discovered an Eye of the Needle encompassing the big island, the island actually being within the Eye. Also, an Eye appeared above the island and a vault below.  It was clear that a pyramid shape was held within the form of the island.

After the 2005 Sacred Journey three of us journeyed out to the Skelligs and I placed the crystal at the top. Visiting for the first time was an extraordinary experience for me, especially as I arrived at the pinnacle of the island. I had never experienced such a rarefied energy in the physical. The 2005 seeded the Céile Dé energies that have been revealing themselves now through each trip.

In 2006 our Ireland Group waited three days to get out to the Skelligs. ‘”Weather” prevented that. Instead we were led to a more or less unknown Beehive cluster of ruins on Bray Head from where the Skelligs are visible. There was an intense activation there, both of the land and of the group. I have known since how necessary this was, though at the time the place had been unknown to me. We also did an activation of another Beehive complex on Dingle Peninsula and re-opened a Dragon line through the sea from Skelligs to there. These openings were necessary preliminary moves before 8/8/8. It was in 2006 that the records of Tara opened to me. I had a past life recall of holding the core of a mystery school at Tara with a Beloved Partner. I remembered a betrayal by my partner and my subsequent death. Since then the ‘healing of Tara’ has been part of the work that I have been called to do in Ireland.

2008 Ireland Group – the main focus was the healing of Tara. This took place on what I refer to as Tea Tephi’s Mound (the Mound of the Hostages). Twenty three of us gathered in body. Twenty four were called for. Lord Lugh held the ‘missing place’ gloriously! We re-ignited the Temple of Light on Tara in the form of twenty-four pillars of light. Originally it had been twelve twin flame pillars. It has now extended to twenty-four pillars of Sovereign Light. This temple was re-ignited through the ages, by the Tuatha Dé, by Jeremiah and Tea Tephi, by Mother Mary and Joseph of Arimathea, by St. Patrick and now in these days of co-creation it is again restored. (Tara continues to be disturbed on the outer planes and calls for ALL of our combined focus to keep the Temple lit). The inner planes instruction was to carry a crystal from Tara after the healing to the pinnacle of Skellig Michael (Sceilg Mhicil in Gaelic holds a stronger sound resonance). This part of the journey was voluntary and after the main workshop. Again a certain number were called for and responded. We had the needed twelve bodies. This number increased to 13.

We made it out to the Skelligs although the boat had not gone for fifty days due to an unusually bad season of weather. Because of the rain and mist and the raising waves we were given only 15 minutes to get to the top and back to the boat, which seemed an impossibility. We made the top in seven minutes. The crystal was placed at the location I was instructed to leave it. When I once more returned to Sceilg in June 2009 I could not understand how we made it up those 777 steps in 7 minutes in 2008.

In the graphic of the Skelligs which I drew in 2005 there were 8 monks. This number revealed itself during this visit as the Masters who hold this focus on Skelligs. They were all Céile Dé Monks. I believe them to be all female now, Bríd (Brigid) and the original seven who were ordained with her. Previously they were all male. All female represents the Resurrection of Matter, Mater a necessary step in the healing of the Grail. The focus had been held until 8/8/8  by St. Fionán, who built the original Beehive complex, and his monks.  As we came down the steps 8 white birds flew so close I could have touched their beaks. They came through the mist. Then Lord Lugh let me know that the ‘mission’ was successful. Some of our group had gone to Iona to hold a focus there.

It is my perception that on 8/8/8/ Sceilg Mhicil opened once more to the ascended realms and holds that frequency now for this age. The Eye of the Needle is now active. The Vault of Osiris beneath the Island is also now opened and available to those who hold the necessary Purity of consciousness. When that happened it was connected through the Metatronic Grid with Luxor, with the other Michael Islands off England and France and with the Temple of Protection in Banff.

The 2009 Ireland group over the 9/9/9 was to re-ignite the codes of Resurrection and Ascension at certain Céile Dé sites including Tory Island, Garten, and Glen Colmcille all places chosen by Columcille (Dove of the Church under the mentorship of the Maha Chohan) and Moliosa of Inis Murray, as sacred sites. These activations were possible because of the support pouring forth through the Metatronic Grid from Sceilg. They were also necessary preliminaries for the work on Iona for 10/10/10. Columcille was profoundly aware of all of these connections and chose Iona as the ‘hub’ for the storing of the ‘Books of Light’.

(“A fascinating matter about Skellig Michael is that it is the westernmost sacred site along a long line of ancient pilgrimage places running from western Ireland through France, Italy and Greece, and then onto Mt. Carmel in the Palestine. This line, sometimes called the Apollo/St. Michael axis was known thousands of years before the advent of Christianity and linked the venerated holy places of St. Michael’s Mount, Mont St Michel, Bourges, Perugia, Monte Gargano, Delphi, Athens and Delos”).

Among other things I consider the Beehive form of the sanctuaries to be significant, related to the Bee and to Venus.

Please bring all of this information through the Sovereignty of your own Hearts as these are my inner plane perceptions.  Aine’s website

Loreena McKinnet tells the story in her song


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