The Timeless Crystal Skull’s Story

The following video contains insights by Allayah, a Keeper of some crystal skulls from Tibet. I have done some channeling for her in the past and find her “crystal beings” to be a major grouping of “satellite” skulls for the Dweller Skulls.

ThothHorRa, whose soul is one who lived as a “Dweller” and whose previous skull abides now in crystalline form states:

The 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls have  adjura (aspect seeds of their communication matrix – what I, Maia am calling “satellites”) around the world. Most of these will now be found in Tibet, China, and surrounding countries. However, they are also awaiting to be revealed in Africa, India and the Middle East, as well as North and South America and a few in other places on Earth as well.

Their purpose is to act as messengers for the Dwellers, to prepare and seed consciousness for the more powerful uniting of the “13” and then the “72” complete LOCI of the Dweller Family.

This video was created by Simeon Nartoomid, and in my opinion truly captures the essence of Allayah’s insights and her crystal skull family.

Allayah’s website – The Scantarii
Simeon’s video creation services – Cosmic Nexus Productions


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