The Duat’Khum of Thoth

art by Maia

I recently read an article concerning a newly discovered cave system under the Pyramids of Giza…

In December 2009, after denying that they existed, Egypt’s leading Egyptologist, Dr Zahi Hawass, has had to admit that an excavation team under his charge is investigating an ancient tomb at the centre of claims regarding the alleged discovery of a cave underworld beneath the Pyramids of Giza. –  complete article

Some years ago (maybe 20) Thoth showed me caverns under the Great Pyramid…he said there were many levels to them and what he was allowing me to envision was a chamber within the natural cave system that had been enhanced by ancient human technology. It seemed like a large bath area, with several man-made (healing) pools, but the water was from an emmense aquifer running underneath it.

To return to the article…

Although Dr Hawass suggests there is no mystery surrounding the “catacomb”, Collins suspects that the caves extend beneath the Second Pyramid, where ancient tradition puts the legendary Tomb of Hermes, Egypt’s legendary founder. This is significant because Hermes is known as the Great Wisdom Bringer and Collins suspects that the chambers could possibly reveal something left behind by Hermes — something like the legendary Hall of Records.

At this time (April 16th, 2011) I requested of ThothHorRa some information concerning what is in the cave system that is connected to him as the “Thoth” or “Tehuti” of Egypt. I received the following:

ThothHorRa: Deep within the caverns is the Duat’Khum. It is the Sarcophogus of the Heaven as it reflects upon Earth and penetrates to the Eastern Passage of Souls within the New Heaven. Herein did I set down the living symbols and codes throughout for the Traveller to make the journey from the Old Heaven into the New and his/her soul to set upon the new cadence of the birthing stars of the New Heaven (and Earth).

Maia: I had heard the word “Duat” before but honestly did not know (or perhaps had forgotten) it’s meaning when I received the above.  I then googled it I came up with…

Duat: Ancient Egyptian Underworld. Three different descriptions of the Underworld are provided by the three sacred texts: The Book of Caverns, The Book of Am Duat and The Book of Gates.

This on a website which is arguing that the pyramids are not aligned to Orion’s belt as stated in “The Orion Mystery.” Well this is interesting as Andrew Collins says they align to the constellation fo Cygnus. ThothHorRa states that all are correct, as all are important nodes of alignment therein. Cygnus was first brought to my attention by Thoth in the 1980’s as being a major transformational location in our Heavens.

Again, having just written ThothHorRa’s statement above, including “It is the Sarcophogus of the Heaven as it reflects upon Earth and penetrates to the Eastern Passage of Souls within the New Heaven.” I now read on the Duat website…

 G.Hancock wrote in the book “Heaven’s Mirror”:

“In fact the Duat had very specific celestial co-ordinates.
…the Duat had been conceived of by the ancient Egyptians as having been “localized in the eastern part of the sky” …the oldest texts… tell us: “Orion has been enveloped by the Duat while he who lives on the Horizon purifies himself.… This is a true observation of nature, and it really appears as though the stars are swallowed up each morning by the increasing glow of the dawn.”

I also found that “Khnum” is an Egyptian Water God.

Continuing with ThothHorRa: It is in the Duat’Khum that the Risen One shall lift of the Shaft of Gold from the Gate of the Vault and the Golden One shall then reclaim the Days of the Earth and an New Earth shall be risen in the sky above the old.

Maia: I see the “Shaft of Gold” as some kind of celestial marker that is “lifted” or removed so that the “gate” may open to us and then humanity (or an enlightened portion therein) shall be able to traverse the Vault of Orion into the New Earth…the “Ascension” in other words. The Golden One was shown to me as the Golden Star of Mazuriel.

I then asked Thoth to explain how the “Duat” in the heavens (as specific stellar alignment) is connected to the Ascension.

ThothHorRa: It is a place of neutrality, where all is stripped away that is not in accord with the true Being. One might see it as a place in the Heavens where the Soul is initiated into a new threshold of Being beyond it’s incarnational cycles within the Old Earth.

Maia: It is said that “Thoth’s” tomb is under the Second Pyramid of Giza…is this true?

ThothHorRa: Not of my body, which I did not discard. It is the Place of my Ascension….yet not under the second pyramid, but under the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid).

Maia: Is the Hall of Records within these caverns beneath the pyramid?

ThothHorRa: The “Hall” is two-fold. There is such within the caverns, enhanced by human endeavor. Yet the greater level of the Hall is in higher dimension as part of the Temple of the Morning Star (higher dimensional temple of “The Risen One.”)


 Ref: article on the Duat  also related article on Spirit Mythos: The Star Capstone and Opening of the Lotus  (one stage of Ascension dynamics)



3 thoughts on “The Duat’Khum of Thoth

  1. Thoth represents the divine aspect of thought.

    So we would say, “You know what thought did? He thought he did.”

    Why, Well, because we are all directed from above. You might think that you are in charge of your own destiny but this is not really the case.


  2. I’ve written a book – of fiction – that is based largely on the available facts regarding the history of the plateau and the suspicions of a ‘hall of records’ existing somewhere beneath. A L I M P O T A … S A I M C Y E A …


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