The Hologram of Ascension Dynamics

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quoting from my past articles…The O’PAH the Sphere or Circle of Light that calls new creations into existence. The word is of the aloii, which is the First Language, first brought to the life of sound from the impulses of the brain in the most ancient days of Lemuria. O’pah is the Sound in it’s first forming out of the mouth of the Elohim (Creation Lords). This “first forming” is not sound. It is the etheric pattern that precedes the sound. . . the DESIRE that is then made manifest in the WORD. The O’pah is spherical, like a swirling bubble containing the etheric Desire Breath that proceeds into the second form, which is the Manifest Breath. As the O’pah gathers intent through desire, so the sphere-breath becomes more radiant with divine luminescence. When a human reaches into the heart-seed of his/her being and touches that kernel of love and devotion to the God-ness of all things, so the O’pah – the Desire Breath – is released. This is the beginning of a New Creation in the universe. Seedling light veins are formed that connect to the O’pah of many other souls. In this way a “body” or star merkabah will eventually form to shine forth in the heavens. The entire process is of course, vast and complex in arrangement of it’s components, but this is the end result.

The Elohim or “Creation Lords” are universal intelligences who are beyond what we understand as individual souls, for they incorporate “soul-ness” into a broader spectrum of awareness. Yet THEY are US, for we all create O’pah that join together. The Elohim simply form deeper connections into the strands we offer them through the sacred geometry within the pulses of our DNA. As humanity moves closer to the center of the Desire Breath, so we become the new evolutionary level of Creation Lords, merging our soul-ness with a more expanded band of Awareness.

The O’pah symbols then, are keynote triggers that can act upon our head brains and heart brains and quicken even deeper responses within the crystals of the DNA. They are intended to facilitate the Desire Breath for those who meditate with them. There are 12, for there are 12 “Movements” of the Desire Breathe and 12 main meridians that are stimulated in the DNA to create the O’pah. These 12 meridians come out of 12 crystalline geometries within the DNA, which in the aloi’i language is called the IvI. I choose to spell this with a capital “I” at both ends as I see the alo’ii glyph for these crystalline geometries as “IvI.” The two “columns” (I I) with the inverted open-ended triangle (v) in the center. The 12 IvI crystalline geometries or “crystals” are vibrating merkabic thresholds of Light which form the creation patterns for our energy merkabahs, inclusive of the physical body. As the IvI spin the connective threads, which at the meeting points are revealed to us as our human form and energy systems, so the Desire Breath is inhaled and exhaled by the whole being. The IvI and the O’pah then, are the KEY Resonators for all Life. Life not only as we witness it from this reality, but the complete energy/light geometries of the living being from it’s point of divine inception at SOURCE.

The Phi Gate is the entry point into the planet for the New Earth Hologram.

Thoth: Through the Phi Gate the true phi geometry is organized into the New Hologram, which is infusing and growing the Maiden Grid. Once the Maiden Grid is completed (sometime between March 23rd and April 5th of 2005), “She” (the grid) will “give birth” to the New Hologram phi geometry, out into the whole earth dynamic. All earth and temple grids will be in receipt of this New Earth program of Light.

current….Thoth has told me about the new set of geometries coming though the Phi Gate window of June 18-25. These are specific pulses which will create very low electro-magnetic wave forms as they strike the core of the planet. They will also effect the magnetic “lodestones” in our brain, and in other mammals as well. Consequentally we may see in the next few years to come, migrating animals acting especially confused at times as the pulsing of these wave forms reaches peaks in the Earth’s dynamic energy system.

The Maiden Grid softens the edges of new thought formation which comes as a result of the magnetic changes in the planet. It allows us a more easeful passage.  Since 2005 the Maiden Grid has been reaching out into the matices of the Earth and tapping the root equasion that binds them all together. “She” calls each aspect of the Earth’s dynamic Being using the song or code that triggers in that collective system, a quickening to unify. This is true for our DNA as well. The Maiden calls and deep within the DNA the sound is heard. We are becoming more and more Her children…The Platinum Goddess leaves her imprint on the Earth directly through the Maiden Grid at this time in the Earth’s evolution.

So we see now, that out of the Opah – the Pearl of the Mother – unfolds as a flowering lotus, the Phi Gate and spilling forth from it the multitude of seed-Light codes in specific crystalline geometries we are calling the “Phi” geometries. The “Maiden” cups these treasures in Her hands and makes of them a strand of beads, lovely to behold around the curve of her graceful neck. She organizes them into a set of sub-systems for Earth’s new Ascension program.

Then she shares them with her Family of the Earth through emmisaries of the New Earth, such as the Goddess Fold, those Sage Women of our future who come to us now, through the corridor of Shamballah.  These women once incarnated on this Earth and now serve the New Earth. To quote from my past material on the Goddess Fold…

This “Fold” contained many inter-lacing layers or petals of service such as the Swan Singers. the White Buffalo Dancers, the Goddesses of the Moon, etc. All these “Goddesses” have energy aspects radiating into our current world and connecting into and through individual humans incarnated at this time. These persons who carry the Goddess signal within them are not all female. Men who maintain a good connection with the Divine Feminine also have this contact. Understand that all this I speak of here is within us, being strengthened by inner communion with the “Goddess Fold.”

I was also shown how each of us may become more opened to this aspect of our nature and to the connection we have to the Goddess Fold. I saw a shining, whirling star of mixed colors and very brilliant. It was streaming it’s tendrils of beaded light (shifting through the spectrum of many colors) out from it as it dance in the dark and sacred Void of Nothing. This I was told was the MOTHER STAR or MA’STAR. It was a sacred unfolding coming through the New Earth Star Three-Fold Flame. The Goddesses of the Veil were the capstone of the Goddess Fold and therefore as guardians of the Three-Fold Flame so they were the Keepers of the Mother Star as well.

current…So now returning to this moment, we can recognize the Goddess Fold in each one of us – female or male – for this souls represent the purest aspect of the Divine Feminine incarnate, and we are becoming the balance of divine feminine and masculine everytime we open to that possiblity and true desire within us. As the Goddess Fold now distributes the Sacred Maiden Pearls of the Phi among us so we will be adorned with the Beauty and Grace that is within us. It will now shine forth into the world!

The 9th Wave is carrying us closer and closer to the fulfillment of this whole hologram of receipt, from the Phi Gate through to the very Portal of Ascension.
Following the path of the serpent to come out of the mouth of the Jaguar. Mayan Time Ending then…not Earth’s time.

If we view the 9th Wave as an energy object or wave form sound creating a pattern, we see it as a 3D pyramid or actually capstone atop a larger pyramid. The greater pyramid are the calendric sacred cycles which the Atlanteans called the Atupla or Rising Presence. The 9th Wave capstone is that last movement of completion. What lies beyond? One could see it as an inverted pyramid / capstone coming down to touch the tip of the completed pyramid. Capstone to capstone the charge is transferred and the New Earth begins to receive the first transmission of the Planetary Genius or Logos of the Old Earth, which must be transferred into the New in order for full Ascension consciousness to occur.

Thoth has shown me that at the point where the two capstones almost touch (as there is a small space in-between) there is a swirling vortex of pure Manna – heavenly essence. As it collects and swirls so it creates a high frequency mono-atomic state. Out of this emerges a charge which will be sent down through both pyramids – into both worlds, making that final connection. When this occurs, the Old Earth will “ascend” into the new state.


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ThothHorRa could you please share with me some information on the significance of Robinson Crusoe Island (Apocalypse Island) off the coast of Chile in regard to 2012 and planetary Ascension?

THR: Both Robinson Crusoe Island and Easter Island were part of the Greater continent of  MU. At that time, both of these outcrops (now islands) were more central within the Pacific and not so close to the South American continent.

After the cataclysmic initial destruction of MU, a long rift of mountaintops remained, of which both Easter Island and RC Island were contained within. Much later, another cataclysmic even and rising of water levels changed the topography to leave these two outcroppings as islands in the Pacific.

THR: Easter Island and RC Island are crucial in the planetary matrix as Acsension trigger points. By that is meant that there are specific places on the Earth which will be activated by cosmic events to cue the entire planetary Ascension of LP40. There are only three of these major points (several minor). They are Easter and RC Islands and essentially the whole chain of the Hawaiian Islands coming out of the the Phi Gate of Kaua’i and the roil point on Mauna Loa at the Big Island (of Hawaii).

RC Island is the Gateway to the inversion of the Earth’s magnetic field at the very moment of LP 40 when the atoma of the planet sends out the “Rushing” and the entire sphere of Earth begins to shift dimensionally.

Easter Island is the receptor of the Star Codes for this event, while Mauna Loa and its whole body of the Hawaiian Islands chain receives the Quickening from the cosmic phi geometries, through the Phi Gate of Kaua’i.

Thus you see it as a serpent biting it’s tail. The head of the serpent is the Big Island of Hawai. It “eats” the fire of the atoma, once it is fed the geometric Asension codes coming out of the the Phi Gate of Kaua’i.

From Mauna Loa the current travels to Easter Island where it converges with more Ascension Star Codes. This combination then moves like a cosmic tsunami over RC Island. At that point the serpent bites it’s tail – Gateway is opened and the Earth’s magnetic current is inverted. The actual LP40 then begins and continues rapidly to it’s conclusion.

Q: What is the difference between the phi geometry cosmic codes and these other star codes at Easter Island?

THR: The phi codes are geometric crystalline patterns which literally transform all crystalline structure, including in the brain and DNA.
The “star codes” of Easter Island are cosmic “blueprint” codes that inform the whole dynamic when and how to complete the Ascension process.


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