Two Moons of Earth

Two Moons of Earth - art by Maia

Many, many years ago I received the first information from my inner-planes sources that at one time the Earth had two moons. There has been continued mention of this in my channeling through the years. NOW scientists are theorizing this possibility! The catch is, that they are placing the date when the two moons collided and became one as many millions of years ago. From my akashic perspective (backed by Thoth’s transmissions) this is not “wrong”…but it is not the whole understanding. The linear time reality we now live in was separated from the First Earth (reality) during the time of the last destruction of Atlantis – as a result of the “time tsunami” (long story). At that “time” the Earth and it’s inhabitants entered the world reality we know today (or at least on the same wavelength). So from that perspective, the moon collisions occurred only around 10-12 thousand years ago…yet geologically it was millions of years. As you can see this is a mind-bender. It is a fracture in time that causes one thought stream to attune to Atlantis, Lemuria and the eons of culture in the past; and another to look at the geology and place it all in the box with Neanderthals. Both are correct – but each seeing only one slice of the whole story.

From my channeling to the moons did not actually collide on their own…a comet’s gravity caused the smaller moon to break apart, the larger piece colliding with the greater moon and some fragments falling to Earth.

From some of my previous writings in the 1980’s on the topic of “Two Moons”…

“When the Elohim brought the moons of Earth into existence, there were two moon-orbs, one of which was destroyed during the time of Atlantis.”

“When the Dreampathers ritually walked the planet…they touched the moon fragments buried beneath all the great ancient structures. These fragments were remnants of our planet’s second moon…(the) fallen moon was named Mayah by the Atlanteans – meaning in the likeness of Light. Our remaining moon was Obrigon – meaning desert sun – having been deserted by it’s Twin Flame.”

“The dolphins of Earth will play an esssential role in the near future when they recieve from the etheric moon (physcially destroyed) the Primordials, or evolution forms of all the living Earth.” (Goes on to say the dolphins will process these forms and tranlate them into the Earth’s current modality.)

“The moon Mayah was embued with Primordials. When it perished, the fragments of the physical orb which landed on the Earth were like bits of Nautilus Shell – holograms of the entire coding.”

“When time comes for the dolphins to receive and awaken the evolutionary stages…they will sift through these forms not only from our present moon, but from the ancient one as well, through it’s long-buried fragments. In doing so, the sites where these fragments are buried will also awaken their secrets to the Initiated of the world.” (Goes on to say that the destroyed moon was feminine and the remaining masculine…however, within the context of present earth-moon relationships, the moon as a “moon” orbiting a planet is in a feminine charge to that planet. In other words, the exchange between a moon and it’s planet is always feminine.)

Much more has been stated about the two moons of Earth in my channeled writings and akashic insights through the years. This page is the serach in Spirit Mythos for “two moons.”

a few special pages…

Ruta – Isle of Atlantis

Thoth on the Evolution of Multiple Realities

science article on the two moon theory


5 thoughts on “Two Moons of Earth

  1. Dear Maia, I would like to send you an Andara Vogel which I had done by a master crystal cutter from the Philippines. These vogels came from the Shasta area. I also would like to gift you with what I call a Metronome, a free form sacred geometric Anela Andara crystal created by the same evolved master crystal cutter. It has as many Platonic designs in one crystal and was guided by Metatron. Where do I send these to? With much love and light, Marianna Magdalena


    1. Oooooh! How marvelous of you Magdalena! I used to have tons of Andara Lady Nellie gave me but I moved so much and they were heavy…couldn’t bring to the Islands so sold for a song. I am now really being guided to channel and work more with the Andara so you GIFTS are really, really special to me.

      Maia Nartoomid
      P.O. Box 1357
      Kapaa, HI 96746

      Please send also you email address to me using THIS CONTACT PAGE:

      Many Thanks!


  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the all info. Some of these things I knew, some I knew slightly different versions, some things I had no idea.

    The “time tsunami” really intrigued me, as it is the first time I hear of it. Same for the Primordials.
    One essay I thought you would really like is The Fall Of Atlantis And Their Use Of Crystals , by James Tyberonn, channeled from Archangel Metatron. It do talk about the two moons, with amazing clarity and complexity.

    A returned Atlantean


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