Rainbow Bridge Mother Crystal Skull

collage & avatar art by Maia, background photo of Mount Wai'ale'ale by Faith Spina

Rainbow Bridge Mother Crystal Skull is one of the 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls. Her physical Abode is in a cave high upon Mount Wai’ale’ale on the Hawaiian Island of Kaua’i.

She has informed me that it is HER time now to become active in the Earth. She links us to the activational codes  of the 13th Living Crystal Skull (a Being not yet on this planet – at least in our current time line).

The Rainbow Bridge Mother forms that bridging to the 13th who is the ultimate Awakener. “Rainbow” also will unite many in the world to prepare for the Heart Ascension and to actualize it – not only in their own beings but through transferring these “codes” to others who are ready to receive.

“Rainbow” also shall lead the Star Tribes forth from the land, the air and the sea. This shall be done in various ways. SHE will call them to unite the Star Codes in the DNA. The Humans, the Cetaceans, and several other more highly evolved mammals. This stage of unity is absolutely essential for the Earth’s full Ascension in becoming the “New Earth Star.”

Understand that the Dweller Crystal Skulls and their Seed Children (crystal skulls seeded with their codes) are receptors for multi-dimensional beings who have guided this planet and its inhabitants from the Earth’s inception.

Rainbow Bridge Mother informs me that the window between the 2012 Venus Transit of June 5-6th through July 23-25 when the Nova cosmic event of  Sha’alura will strike the planet – is the time when the Star Tribes will begin to unite in the Light Language matrix of the DNA. Of course all is ALREADY united – all that is – is ONE. When I speak of “uniting” in this context it is a return to Awareness that actually triggers both etheric and physical wave-forms in the body and the planet which have lain dormant due to not being “recognized” or called forth.

I wrote  a previous blog article about this skull on Kauai in which Se’RA’fana told me the original Earth identity of the skull…

Atu’La Hunuapepe – High Priestess of the last Goddess Temple to stand on MU (Lemuria – the Hawaiian Islands are remnants of this Motherland). Her skull was changed to crystal ( a process of alchemy). With the breaking up of MU, so it was taken to the highest place of the Mother (MU) and there placed into Her mouth (cavern). It survives there to this day.

Now I am shown that the skull is becoming the Rainbow Bridge Mother in her current activational state.

Rainbow Bridge Mother (RBM) works most especially with the Cetaceans to translate the higher stellar Light Language into the human wave-forms so that humanity can once again come “home” to their true Light DNA vibration.

The specific Light Language which RBM and the Cetaceans are encoding come from the O’PAH the Sphere or Circle of Light that calls new creations into existence.

Much will come together to co-ordinate a birthing from the Maiden Grid on the planet – the Mother’s Womb. This “Golden Dolphin Child” shall come forth as a composite Being of our new Breath and Pure Gem Body. It will be “born” on July 25th, 2012. RBM will be the mid-wife to this event. The “Child” will appear (to those who see him) as a human-sometimes-dolphin being. He is in effect, a composite “Sun King” set upon the “Throne” of Spiritual Power in the world by the Divine Feminine.

I was given…

O’pah Annutei

New Language of Light forming in the window of the Venus transit June 6th, 20120 and the cosmic Shanlura event of July 23rd.

Created from the 3rd Sacred Tone as it moves through the “Eye of the Needle” – from the center of the Earth up through Haleakala. The Dragon Beings supply the “whirlwind” or energy vortex with their O’pah “breath” for the new Language to arise from the Mouth of Gaia. The Dolphin Masters form the geometries of the holographic structure of the O’pah Annutei Language in the brain-mind complex.

More to come on this in the near future.

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3 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge Mother Crystal Skull

  1. THANK YOU so much, Maia!

    All these movements stirr so much energy within… that at certain points it might be felt as almost unbearable… The work the present time demands is very much focussed in recalibration and rebalance. Paying attention to the course of our path and giving their true dimension to easily distorted emotional inputs that might appear, will also be invaluable. 🙂


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