Hoar Stone Sacred Journey & Activation

Hoar Stone
Hoar Stone

On June 11, 2013 the following was received by me through a Goddessfold session I was doing for a woman named “Daniela” (excerpts from session – permission given to use her name).

From the Goddessfold session: I concentrate on your name for a few moments only, and I see a woman – maybe 1800’s carrying a silver tea tray…a very British large house. She is asking someone if they would like some “tea cakes” and these are shaped like hearts. I am thinking, what in the world does this have to do with Goddesses. Then she says rather nervously to…whomever (could not see them) “Have you been to the Hoar Stone yet?”

I have never before in my life heard of a “Hoar Stone.” However, in googling I find it.

The woman I saw (I saw only her hands carrying the tea tray) is a Lady Ashton. She and some other women have formed a Goddess Circle (altho I don’t think they called it that) in connection with the Hoar Stone. One of these women, Barbara Lucille Hawkins, whose nickname among the women was “Bitty,” had a “fainting spell” when at these stones one day, while visiting Lady Ashton.

During her “spell” she apparently actually went into an altered state and saw herself surrounded by some four or five “fairy women.” The women told Barbara they wished for the site to become active again in the ethers…to not fade entirely into the “Otherworld”. When Barbara came back to her senses, she rushed away, back to Lady Ashton’s with the news. Now, while “Bitty” was a bit shaken, she was not a dis-believer. In fact, she and Ashton and several of their lady friends, all “dabbled” in the “occult” and were fans you might say, of Sir Authur Conan Doyle. Several of the ladies, including Barbara, having been to some of his lectures on the occult. So as a result of this episode, they established their Goddess Circle.

You Daniela, were French in that lifetime, but lived in England, married to an Englishman. Your name was Marcella (I may be spelling that wrong) but you were called “Marci.”

The Goddessfold (fairy women) Bitty saw are the Or’Ibil (an ancient pre-gaelic name) who once lived on this side of the Veil. They are actually fairy women, for they are from among the human-faerie Ones of the Tuatha de Danann

History is rather vague about them, but Thoth and a few esoteric historians state that their ancestors came from the Middle East (Tribe of Dan) and eventually mixed with faerie beings to create the “Danann.”

In this life, Daniela, it IS interesting isn’t it – that your name contains “Dan” in it.

Enstone is the collection of Hamlets and a church in the vicinity of the stone and named after the Hoar Stone (Enstone being another name for the stone).

I don’t think Lady Ashton lived at Enstone. I believe she sometimes stayed in a cottage in one of the hamlets there, and on this occasion, Barbara was with her. Both she and Barbara were from London – I don’t know how many other women were involved, but some did live at Enstone.

This concludes quoting from the Goddessfold session.

Here begins the Serendipity. But then, it was obviously not a happenstance that Daniela sought out this Goddessfold session from me – and at this very time.

I am receiving from my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa that the Or’Ibil are quickening this ancient Goddess site once again.

Historically from the bit of quick research I am just now doing on it, the Hoar Stone is part of a King’s burial mound. However, Thoth assures me that it goes back in time much further than that. This particular patriarch wished to be buried in the Hallowed Ground of the Goddess.

I read:  …the term ‘Hoar’ which also applies to several other monuments, is thought to originate from the Great Goddess Hoeur.”

There is not much on the Goddess Hoeur web-wise, but I did find that the word “her” is said to be derived from Her name.

This Hoar Stone in Enstone is definitely the place – not any of the other “monuments” by that name.

From the book, Beyond the Hoar Stone by Michael Swisher: “An interesting, if easily overlooked, formulaic expression in Old English literature, se harne stan, “hoar stone,” indicates the boundary between the known, familiar world of human activity and the frightening realm of monsters, the supernatural and unusual adventure. The hero who sees this marker is forewarned and if he treads further, he does so with the knowledge that a normal struggle with an earthly foe must not be expected.”

Stripped of the fear of the unknown, we can understand that the term “Hoar Stone” refers to a Threshold into other world dimensions. From the Akashic Records of Thoth (which I tap into) is the following on the Hoar Stone site, in regard to the purpose of it’s coming re-activation…

Beneath the Hoar Stone – way beneath – is a goddess temple of Hoeur. The Divine Feminine vibration of “Hoeur” as a power is that of pure and direct spiritual connection to the Inner Dominions of Gaia. These are the “Inner Earth” domain and the various zones of the Fey realms…what Thoth calls the “Kingdom of Mer” (maybe that should be Queendom?)

Now, as the Earth enters with us into this New Epoch (post 2012), an important part of this next phase, essential to the gathering of Tribes of the Earth (so to speak) it what Thoth is referring to as THE UPDWELLING. It is bringing forth of the tendrils of Memory and Substance from the Interior Tribes of the Earth (Inner Earth) and the Faerie Folke Tribes across the “Mer Veil.”

The Sacred Site of the Hoar Stone is the first and foremost node on the planet to begin the “Updwelling.” There is no one date that is the day for this event, as the energy is already spooling up in this location. However, it needs to be called forth from this dimension in order to move into the ethers of this electro-magnetic zone of the Earth ( ie, our current reality).

The actual date for the gathering of the Human Folke at the Hoar Stone Thoth has given me as July 23rd, 2013.


As with the Magadalene Starseed “Halleujah” gathering at Tor Hill in March of this year, there will be no organized journey, but those guided to be there on this date will be in communication previous to it. There will be a brief process given through me as a basic binding of energies, but there will also be room for spontaneous process at the site.

I will be creating an activational video for both those participating on-location and those who wish to do so remotely.

My channeling on the Tuatha de Danann can be found in the last Temple Doors release  – year 1999.

To receive a personal Goddessfold session

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4 thoughts on “Hoar Stone Sacred Journey & Activation

  1. Hi Maia,
    Thought you might find this interesting in relation to the name of “Enstone”. It comes from Ent stone which you may have read. Did you see, however, that Ent is an Anglo Saxon word for giant? And the name for Tolkiens tree people….


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