More on the Hoar Stone Journey

Hoar Stone
Hoar Stone

To understand this post, please read first Hoar Stone Sacred Journey & Activation.

The following information is for those of making the sacred journey to the Hoar Stone on July 23rd, 2013, however, individuals who wish to participate remotely, can do so. Simply picture yourself there with those who are present physically – after having viewed the Updwelling video.

To begin, it is really important that you view (several times if possible), my video The Updwelling.

It contains the keys and codes to prime you for the actual experience at the Stone. This video is available in my Kyi’Ra Portal and also in the Spirit Store.

It is not important that I or Thoth set a time of day to be there. You will be there when you are supposed to. It is good tho, that you all meet together at whatever time you decide upon. Better than you actually approach the area together – perhaps meeting somewhere nearby.

Each of you please bring a small crystal to place into the ground up against the actual Hoar Stone (as pictured above).

ThothHorRa: Circling around the Hoar Stone underground are three large, round, smooth grey-black stones – null stones. They are each about 24 inches across. Etched into them are a spiral somewhat like what can be found at NewGrange. These stones are charged to rotate the energies of the geo-magnetic Earth, around the Hoar Stone, clock-wise, forming a vortex. On the date of July 23rd, this vortex is going to reverse and move counter-clock-wise , remaining that way for many years to come. This action is coming from the center of the Earth, but those who placed the null stones there, did so to spool up the energy into a mini-segment of the entire updwelling, so that the Hoar Stone becomes more amplified as a beacon for the process. This amplification will overcome the mis-alignment of its position on the planet since it was first set there. Understand all sacred sites are now misaligned due to various shifting of the Earth since their initial construction. Most have some kind of “inner-clockwork” that helps to compensate for this factor.

While this event will occur naturally, human participation refines the process and allows humanity as a whole a greater connection to the “Tribes of Light” of this Earth who are now coming forth in Unity – from the many realms within the One Realm, that is “Earth.”

* Physically stand in a circle around the Hoar Stone if possible.

* Begin the ceremony by centering in the heart with a prayer or statement – each individual present stating this aloud.

* Ask the guardians of the area to welcome and assist you.

* Together, visualize a point of light above the Hoar Stone.

* As this light grows brighter, call upon the Divine Feminine registered with the Temple of the Goddess Hoar, which is beneath this site. Call HER to you…into the presence of the ceremony.

* As you do this, you may (individually) feel called to speak or act on Her behalf.

* After all feel this process is complete, begin to circle the Stone clock-wise, silently for three turns. Then stop – face the stone – feel the connection, and start walking counter-clock-wise around it. If you cannot physically walk around the Stone, visualize yourself as doing so. Continue for five turns around the Stone, while toning aloud.

* Stop and together, touch the Stone. Feel the exchange of energy.

This concludes the formal ceremony, but you may wish to remain for a while for your personal connection.


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