Ness of Brodgar – Tar’aghen

Ness of  Brodgar is an archaeological site covering 2.5 hectares (6.2 acres) between the Ring of Brodgar and the Stones of Stenness in the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site near Loch of Harray, Orkney, in Scotland. Excavations at the site began in 2003. The site has provided evidence of housing, decorated stone slabs, a massive stone wall with foundations, and a large building described as a Neolithic “cathedral” or “palace”. The site may have been occupied from as early as 3500 BC to the close of the Neolithic period more than a millennium and a half later.

According to project manager Nick Card, the discoveries are unparalleled in British prehistory, the complexity of finds is changing the “whole vision of what the landscape was 5,000 years ago” and that “it’s of a scale that almost relates to the classical period in the Mediterranean with walled enclosure and walled precincts”.[2] Additionally, according to archaeologists in general, the site could be more important than Stonehenge.[4] – Wikipedia

Excerpted from a ThothHorRa session I did for someone the other day:

Q.2. A recent discovery has been made on the Ness of Brodgar (Eyenhallow in the Orkneys) it has been described as a temple site and is estimated to be around 6000 years old. Considering that the Orkneys were part of the Atlantean Temple sites…what significance, purpose or connection does this site have?

THR: Tar’Aghen was an ancient name for this site…after the destruction of Atlantis. In the Atlantean time (way beneath the current structures) was the Temple of Manu. Tar’Aghen in a lost post-Atlantean-Celtic tongue, means to “brighten the way” or “shining beacon.” Manu is the “Enlightener” or in some aspects the same as the Hebrew “Messiah.”

The purpose of both Tar’Aghen and Manu was to mark a place of “Awakening” of a “Great Light of the Ages.” This is one of the places where in the future there will be projected a Radius Pyramid from the Thresholder Gateways.

Thoth encourages me to bring forth more information on this site for The Crystal Matrix. It is as follows…

Maia: What is a “Radius Pyramid?”

THOTH: A Light Pyramid projection from the three Thresholder Gateways – TGs .

These pyramids will form the basis for the New Earth Genesis – infusion of World System II dynamics into the newly “ascended” human Awakening.

Maia: Are these Radius Pyramids holograms that will be projected from the TGs?

THOTH: At first they will be holographic projections, but they will continue to go through a process rapidly in which elemental materialization will take place within the hologram. Once stabilized, the hologram will be removed and the structures will remain.

Maia: Why are you calling these “Radius” Pyramids?

THOTH: They will emit radial, intersecting energies of Metatronic frequencies as generative fields…creation zones for New Earth conductivity.

Understand that on another dimension of Earth, the Thresholder Gateways and the Radial Pyramids they project and build already exist as working systems. You can and will begin to tap this energy flow and use it to attain the consciousness of that dimension…which you are becoming.

Maia: Returning to Tar’Aghen, what more can you tell me about this complex at this time?

THOTH: The Tar’Aghen Stone Ring will become active in the present electro-magnetic zone of Earth (dimension) on August 8th, as a result of the “Updwelling” beginning with the Hoar Stone in England on July 23rd. This will be a major Metatronic circuitry opening for the planet. The architects of Tar’Aghen carried with them the Master Plan of this design from the previous Atlantean Temple of Manu (underneath Tar’Aghen).

Maia: So Tar’Aghen raised the stone ring there, and not the Manu builders?

THOTH: This is so. They built it to align with the planetary axis shift as a result of the final cataclysm of Atlantis. The Manu Temple had the template for this “future” time, which the Tar’Aghen builders inherited.

Maia: Why might the Tar’Aghen be important to humanity NOW (I understand it will be in the future).

THOTH: After the Updwelling in July 23rd of 2013 The crystal within the Manu Temple beneath Tar’Aghen will be come active again. It will then strike the Stone Ring of Tar’Aghen. As a result, the Ring will begin the “sounding” – setting a frequency within the piezoelectric field of the planet. More of these future Radius Pyramid zones will then start activating, one-by-one (a process taking some years for all of them to activate).

As this ongoing resonance takes place, the Tar’Aghen Stone Ring will become an active healing center once again…indeed a portal for those who are sensitive to quantum realities.


After I had channeled most of the above, I happened to be on a website which was sell what she called :”Thule” crystals. When I saw these, I knew I was to have one. I have many beautiful crystals – most given to me. I haven’t actually bought a crystal in many years. So I went to Thoth and enquired if this was indeed true. He related to me that it was. So I ordered one o f these crystals (yet to be received at this writing).

I decided to go back then to the page and read the channelling Gillian MacBeth-Louthan had done on the Thule crystals. When on the page previously I had not read it.

I was stunned to read the following:

How deep you love, comes from the place of Atlantis, HER rise and HER fall. In the time of Atlantis the earth shook and raged as I went to the sacred islands of the Orkneys, the isle of Thule it was once called. There I stayed in ceremony holding the vibration of the master stones the standing stones pointing me to the stars with their truths. All the days and the nights that the earth shook I protected myself within a barrier of light as the seas raged about me. The waters lost their minds in a global confusion. The earth tossed and turned and our collective hearts stopped at the unimaginable loss and deep pain of what was left. Safe I was, on the Isle of Thule, as it was not my duty to perish, nor would the world be destroyed. I was to hold the Gate of Time that linked the gate of man, keeping it open for future generations to come.

These crystalline beings hold within them Atlantean truths that seek to be remembered in a holy way. Timeless teachings that will hold the ceiling of light up during the onslaught of change. So many seek Mu/Lemurian and other times of history ignoring their Atlantean lifetimes like a dirty little secret, a past mistake soon forgotten. Atlantis was you backbone your mother matrix, all else is built upon it.

All that incarnate now, were alive during the time of Atlantis and the great flood. Within you lives an encoding of the time and place of Atlantis the star and Atlantis the continent. These truths are as children that were never birthed, yet were so needed. Each of them brings to the surface a love that has not breathed in eons of time. Use these energies of stone to signify and represent a circuit of light that makes its way home to a place within a heart that has hurt for too long.

These energies signify and represent a circuit of light that makes its way home to a place within an earthen heart that has hurt for too long. It is only thru this deep unbending love will the earth survive, as she sheds her skins of old. Use the spirit within these crystalline beauties to wield as a sword. Like a great knight of old, move forth-thru overwhelming odds and sandstorms of fear, but never give up what is in your heart.

I Thule of Atlantis leave you with these truths, be brave enough to embrace them. These crystals are Atlantean by nature. They are strong beautiful and powerful. They have waited a long time to come to the surface. Touch them, often to activate their truths. Gillian’s Thule crystal page on Quantum Awakening

I ordered this one
I ordered this one



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