Hoar Stone Journal


Please read FIRST Hoar Stone Sacred Journey & Activation  & More on the Hoar Stone Journey

Voyagers to the Hoar Stone on July 23rd, 2013: Sheila Murphy, Edward Swarthout and Rex Harrison

Voyager Sheila Murphy

On arriving at the Stone, we listened to Rex who told us about a sadness he had felt the previous day when he’d arrived to “scout” the area. He felt this to be something to do with the water.

As we were about to begin, standing in a 3 , making a triangle throughout the time we worked with The Hoar Stone, we talked, shared experiences and we heard a CRACK.

A noise that sounded as though a big horse chestnut had fallen from a tree onto a hard surface.

Of course there was no chestnut and no hard surface; the ground was full of leaves.

Rex searched for anything on the ground and lifted up a tiny green seed for us to see.

I felt , at the time ( although I didn’t verbalize it) that we had accessed an entrance and opened a lock.

Many times during the ceremony ( which I read out as you had specified) I felt the presence of Mary , Mother of Yeshua.

When I read my gift of a Prayer/Poem (below) as SHE, Rex became very excited and said that The Stone had turned green; we looked and saw that the rock surface was, in fact greener than the previous all over grey. A green streak that we noticed at the beginning became more vibrant and alive with colour.

Throughout the ceremony I was aware of The Wind, a gentle but purposeful blowing around us as The Breath of Life: I felt at one stage it becoming stronger and stronger amplifying the words as they were spoken.

When we had finished the ceremony we relaxed in the space surrounding The Stone.

Rex sat on a small rock, I was on the leafy ground and Edward leant against The Stone surrounded by a myriad of crystals; extraordinary gifts from his world travels. It was then that I saw an arch way appear , inscribed into The Stone behind him.

It was large and very clear. Then after a while, a door appeared to fill the arch shape and it swung open.

Not immediately , but soon after, I saw stairs going down as though in some deep castle dungeon; they went down and down.

Emerging as a light enchantment was a beautiful being. Her hair was Golden and fell onto her shoulders, it was soft and wavy and moved easily as she moved. Her face was alive with Light and Beauty and in fact her whole being was in stark contrast to the darkness around her, her clothes were veil- like, flimsy and waving gently as though in a breeze.

She wafted up from the depths to the open door, from beneath to the surface. I couldn’t see her feet or arms ( although they were there) she simply floated in veils of Light up the steps.

It was only later that Rex asked “Did she come out of the door?” that I saw her complete the journey up and through the doorway.

Later as Edward sat, candles lit, leaning against The Stone, I saw a Huge Key imprinted in the rock by the side of him ; it was nearly as big as his body.

He then began to share his personal activation material. He read out loud The 12 Labours of Hercules . The Violet Ray was brilliantly present as I sat in meditative pose for the reading.

Both Rex and I felt the power and impact of this rhythmic discourse from Edward. (He also read more texts, in which the presence of St Germain was apparent to me.)

A final mention of the environment . We noticed a wren that made himself noticeable by constant crisscrossing in flight around The Stone; this seemed significant as on the previous day Rex saw no birds and heard no sounds as he traveled to The Stone. Certainly as we progressed through the ceremony, there was bird song and later Rex saw a squirrel!

I was aware, on entering the enclosure , before the ceremony started, that a large stone appeared to hold the form of a hound , lying in a recumbent , sleepy way ; its large body sprawled on the ground.

On another note, we saw that the trees , outside the area of The Stone were tall and straight, displaying a beautiful canopy of leaves.

Inside the circular enclave , the trees were full of knots , entwining their trunk and branches around themselves, holding many images of faces .(see picture)

The stone itself was deeply pitted , I could almost see paw prints and expressions of watchful faces roaring through Time.

Sheila’s Poem


My Prayer.

Spoken in Ceremony at
The Hoar Stone July23rd 2013

I surrender into The Pathway

Of this most sacred Stone.

I give My Love,

My Light,

My Dreams

To register upon this Scroll,

The soil of Ancient Times,

Sweet Memories.

Heart felt,


Within these Worlds

The Fey

The Mer

A Guardianship entwined

With SHE

Who stands forever Gold

Within The Sacred Vine.

Come Home.

Be with me.

I am SHE.

Written and spoken
by Sheila Murphy

* * * * * * *

Voyager Rex Harrison

My Telling.

A tale of Water and more

I arrived in the area of the Stones on the 22nd and set off on a walk from Taston, where I was staying in a B@B, to the Stones.

(Please refer to this map, and Zoom out to level 4)

I wanted to get a feel of the land, it’s important to me. It was hot and I was glad to enter the shade of the woods, named Deadman’s Riding Wood on the map. I followed a broad pathway overgrown with tall wild Grasses, yellow and pink flowers, and as I walked Cabbage white butterflies disturbed by my steps fluttered around me. The sun sparkled in the mottled shade. The wood to my left and my right was a different place to this path and I picked up a feeling of Great Sadness coming from it. I stopped and listened. No sound issued from in there and I could not hear birds nor see any sign of movement. The wood ground was completely overgrown with Stinging Nettles and so impossible to walk in there. The sadness was somewhat overwhelming as I continued deeper into the wood. I took a wrong path and became a bit lost, something slithered in the grass, a snake. After some time I found a wider track and continued on my way.

As I entered a place called Fulwell, (note the name ie “FULLWELL” or a, well full of water), I stopped and talked to a local resident who was doing some gardening.

Before I continue it is important to note that the B&B I was staying at, Middle Farm, not only has a Neolithic Stone against one of its back walls but also gets its water from a nearby Spring which only services 1 other property. Here is a photo I took of the Source of this Spring.

The Gardener told me a lot of local history including details of a reservoir or Lake of water that used to exist back up and over the hill that I had come, somewhere within the woods. It used to supply the group of cottages in Fulwell and was pumped up the next hill to a storage tank from where it was gravity fed down the other side of the hill into Enstone and Church Enstone. But this System had long been abandoned and now their water comes from new mains to the “Grid”. He also told me one local interpretation of the Hoar Stones , A Rider, his dog and horse all turned to stone. One of the stones that lie flat in the ground around the 3 central standing Stones does indeed look like a dog.!

The raised land above the left hand wall of the enclosure is in fact a flat topped Pyramid of recent construction now overgrown, which upon further investigation appears to be underground Storage tanks probably for water. An open and missing inspection cover on top of the structure reveals a large space below accessed by a metal step ladder fixed to the wall. The ground plants on the slopes of this structure seem to be deformed compared to the same plants further away.

The sadness of this place came with me as I went off in search of Beer and food

Part 2 The day of the 23rd and meeting Ed, The Great Eagle and Sheila, Vision Seer

I met with Ed and Shiela and not by coincidence did they both arrive within 5 mins of each other, Shiela by train which was delayed and Ed by car. We drove to the site. When I got out of the car and entered the enclosure the sadness I had experienced the previous day was much less. I noticed a Wren, (a very small native bird, rare) sitting on a branch over the stones. The Trees within the enclosure had grown to form a web or canopy of intertwined branches.

The Bird flew away. I will leave the telling of the Ceremony to Sheila. We agreed we were a Trinity. Towards the end I noticed a change in colour of the Stones, quite dramatic, a glowing Emerald Green, particularly at a place near my feet at the base of the large stone. A Photo was taken but I don’t have. After Sheila had said those lovely words, Ed and I were invited to say something. In my mind there were the words already but I waited for Ed. He was far away leaning with one hand on the stone. Time passed and Sheila looked to me. Hesitantly I said, “Come into the Light and be reborn.” Shiela had a vision of a lady in white ascending the stairs to the portal entrance and she relayed her sight in words to us. As I closed my eyes, I too could see her coming up the stairs all light around her and smiling such Joy. My heart was bursting to cry at the release of this sadness I had felt and was unable to say much after this without the tears welling inside me.

Ed then read from some writings he had brought with him. I have a photo, note the heart shaped hole in the stone above his left shoulder.


As he read the words my attention was elsewhere, though I felt the words enter me as a rhythm. The Wren had returned and was sitting on a branch outside of the enclosure. I heard the sounds of other birds, a breeze stirred in the trees around us. A Squirrel suddenly appeared from behind the trunk of a nearby tree and looked towards us, then scurried off to another tree and was gone. Life seemed to be returning to the woods spreading from here outwards. As I focused my attention on the enclosure and the wall around it was as if the background had been cut out and we were in no place of time or space only the enclosure us 3 and the stones, the land and trees beyond the walls were like a white cut out shape. My attention was disturbed and everything returned to “normal”.

I was looking at some Photos of the stone on my LCD display computer screen, interesting to note here Liquid Crystal Display, but when I moved my head down lower to view the screen the image changes dramatically and looks very much like the glowing Emerald I had seen. Try it for your self.

I leave you with this quote from a recent post from Maia.

“Use these energies of stone to signify and represent a circuit of light that makes its way home to a place within a heart that has hurt for too long. These energies signify and represent a circuit of light that makes its way home to a place within an earthen heart that has hurt for too long.”

Photos by Sheila and Rex

Protected and held

A dear,dear face

The green pours through

Turning green

Faces in the tree.

The Dog

Many faces within the stone.






* * * * * * *

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One thought on “Hoar Stone Journal

  1. I am scared to visit a sacred site, as time progresses I seem to lose more of this world and the people who would have but a few years ago actually called me smart. Most of the “memory” stones here in canada have ben made into structures and I am going to court right now in one of them. It was made into a jail first and now is a courthouse…the amazing race came through Morden mb. once and this probabtion officer was trying to get me to look at this “clue” they were suppose to look at and know the next part of the race. He was trying to hand it to me and I told him that I wasnt touching that (it was a peice of paper in a bottle of pills) giving me a look like I was being sillie he then opened it and inspected again.
    Here in manitoba, its in Neepawa…I worked there as a beekeeper and was up with some of the Lore that seems to be found in areas deemed “useta be” sacred/ I forget the name of the creek running off the east escarpment of riding mountain, but other than some ski-resort on the west side of the elevation called assisipi…you would never be able to tell you were even on a mountain. Where I spent my youth if I am still not through adolescene.
    Neepawa means “plentiful” and its said that the water runs backwards there…dont think thats true but most times like an abandoned house, it takes awhile for some of these urban myths to manifest. Its basically what is happening at the town of Burkettsville,formerly Blair. In a follow up documentary of the blair witch…you learn that the town was originally a fort to keep natives out of the area. In ww2 airplanes flying over the area noticed that their compasses spun. WOW, when I first started this I knew the name…JIM POLLACK…there we go:) Jim’s son talked to me and I should have phoned JIm himself now that I think,before writing i mean…Elder’s have a more open opinion on what most would call crazy.
    Which is where I find myself now, Im not sure if Im suppose to lead more people or if this is suppose to be a journey made alone. My woman says that she supports me and that things I say make sense and stays attached to a mainstream of flow everyone else stays on with all kinds of personal flotation devices for almost every predicament one might fight themselves in today.
    SO im waiting to see if theyll put me in jail this time, never in my life did I meet any group of inidans who said they were gonna do right this time. When I was asked if I was gonna come back I said “give me five years if Im not back by then I either went good…or got good” Its been ten years now at least, I dont know though almost 15 I think. Anyways…these guys are coming out to the same situations and despite the adequate nurtrition the jail provides and clearer thinking that provides. They come out into the same family situations and negative influences that remind them you they really are and make them forget who they are trying to be. blah blah, the human body requires 23 nutrients and when it doesnt have that, it borrows nutrition from the brain…resulting in some very stupid same soultion seeking injuns.
    I was placed in a mental institution awhile back, I observed that things are very different on the other side of the fence. A guy who was there for a few years asked me one night if I wanted to hear about his machine that killed all his enemies. I asked him if this machine was round and he didnt want to talk to me anymore about it, I later seen that he was there for quite some time as there was a lot of markings on books and tables that had a symbolism quality. He also drew pictures and seemed quite happy in his fenced off district floatation device. So you would see why I would think going back to jail seems to be my next step outta my basement…or I could just be using it as a life jacket.
    A lot of people seem to be having these spiritual experiences on the streets of winnipeg, if you look closer while their hand is out and the markings upon them. Its easy to see who is making the markings on the buildings and mailboxes etc…the men I was locked up with last time said “it doesnt even seem like time when brucies here” They were talking about mysterious angels and said you wouldnt even know when one was with you and they all looked to me…I told them to fuck off (must be said with a scoff) plus its illegal to gather and talk about certain things here in this country…so you could see that 1/2 the job is done for me already and with people who want to change but dont know how to change those around them when they get out. (they sent police in training to some conference in the city that I attended, it was kinda embarassing because they were only gathering and not really talking about anything besides resistance…skinheads also followed me around the city and police)
    I met a man who gave me a shirt one day when he thought he would say something about the way I chose to present myself. He spoke at this sharing circle as though the pipe he was carrying was sacred but he was using it like a stick to shake at anyone who didnt accept the veiws he was talking about. He disrespected an elder saying he shouldnt be drunk there and expected him to sober up immediately (me thinks) That elder got mad and said “you dont know me” and I said ” I know you, what do you know about a johndeer light?” And he said ” ah, boy…how do you know that?” I smiled and offered him a hand up but he wanted to get up by himself and I smiled to the other’s and left with him.
    Another man drinking mouthwash in front of the train station helped me solve Solomon’s riddle from the bible. We sat there for awhile and he offered me some and I sniffed it instead and claimed that I was a sniffer…seems to go over well with the street people, they always laughed at that. So blah, my auntie and some of her friends were looking for a cheap thrill one night and went to an old church lain in ruin now south of town almost and stumbled upon a caucasion solstice ritual. They were there with cloaks on and swords drawn and burning torches…they went there because they were hearing stories of lights being there that showed up…making sevens/ myths in reserve.
    the way of an eagle in the air, serpent on a rock, boat on a sea or man with a maiden. wawanesa!

    So I dont know if making a trip to one of these sacred places would do me any good, Im scared of losing myself…and hypnosis sounds a lot like what some of the stories I read on the new earth hologram sound like. Im pretty good at keeping my head from getting bashed in and seems like a good trait I should hold unto. I touch the stones at the courthouse everytime im there and try feel their energy but I dont feel anything. What I would really like to experience is this opening of ones heart. I thought when this first started I may have gotten a taste of it, but havent experienced anything with enough beauty to make me cry like when this first started…EVERYONE WAS SCARED OF THAT SO I FOUGHT IT OFF. Im not saying anything about what you got going on here, its just my veiw of the whole thing and what floats and what wont…now im gonna make supper for my family, one of the few things im allowed to love.


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