August 8th Procedure at Ness of Brodgar


Before reading below, please review previous information on Tar’Aghen.

August 8th, 2013 at Tar’Aghen, the Stone Ring on at Ness of Brodgar, Orkney Islands

 For those present and those who wish to participate remotely…

Stand or visualize yourself in the center of the Ring. Allow yourself stillness within.

Place a crystal in the center of the Ring now, and as you do so, be aware that this crystal will then synergize with the one inside the more ancient Temple of Manu, beneath Tar’Aghen.

As Thoth stated previously: “After the Updwelling in July 23rd of 2013 The crystal within the Manu Temple beneath Tar’Aghen will become active again. It will then strike the Stone Ring of Tar’Aghen. As a result, the Ring will begin the “sounding” – setting a frequency within the piezoelectric field of the planet. “

Thoth: The crystal in the Manu Temple is the Chalybs. A more original name for the Excalibur sword of King Aurther.

(note: Wiki says chalybs is classical Latin taken from Greek and means “steel.” From Thoth it goes further back and has the meaning of “to flash”)

Once the crystal (real or imaginary) you place in the center of the Ring is engaged, begin to visualize the arising energy from Chalybs move through you as a biological conduit, up from the center of the Stone Ring like a funnel of white light. It will then fan out from the top of the funnel and encircle the planet.

When this is accomplished, a new akashic layer is created in the Earth’s energy field. The use of the world “akashic” in this understanding is a veil of “accommodation” for impressing a specific vibration of “data.” This data or information is a creational motion – an impulse coming from the brain-mind of all living things that will begin to activate in the near future.

This akashic layer then, you can understand as a membrane within the creational field of Earth, forming to accommodate the new degree of impulses from the brain-mind – not only of humanity – but all living creatures in the world.

The dynamic of the release of the energy from Chalybs through the Stone Ring of Tar-Aghen, and the subsequent creation of the new akashic membrane, will take place regardless of any conscious participation from human beings. However, those who are being informed of this and choose to accept it as part of their reality, will assist in the absorbing of it’s presence into the Akasha as a whole.

To return to the procedure in the Stone Ring on August 8th, those present or participating remotely, will at this point (once contact with the Chalybs is made) will begin to walk around the inner part of the Stone Ring, counter-clockwise. As they do so, each will experience their own free-flowing process. When the circle walk is completed (returning to beginning position), the process for these individuals is concluded. You may at this time, remove the crystal from the center of the Ring. This crystal will now contain many of the keys and codes from this exchange. For those engaging remotely, you may wish to use an actual physical crystal for this procedure. Once a crystal has been charged by the Chalybs, it contains special energetic properties which are inter-dimensional in nature.

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