Cuthdee Light Group works with Tar’Aghen process


(to understand below, reference: Tar’Aghen and Tar’Aghen Process)

A Light Group in Ireland which employs my “Thoth” channeling for their work at times, recently engaged the process Thoth gave through me for working with the initial Tar’Aghen dynamic. Here is the facilitator, Andy Nolan’s report:

* * * * * * *

Four people present; Andy, Audrey, Didier and Denise.

We entered the Stone ring of Tar’Aghen and we followed the meditation guidelines and visualizations given by THR and went into a free flow process. Eight very large ancient statues appeared and took up positions as the eight points of the Templa Mar matrix. A golden rainbow anchored in the stone ring expanded across Tar’Aghen and connected with the standing stones of Stenness. Both stone rings began to revolve making the sound of an engine. The standing stones within the Brodgar ring where we were situated began to tone and became pillars of green/yellow fire. Four white eagles appeared and landed on the shoulder of each of us. A ring of Lions and wolves formed within the stone circle, alternating wolf and lion and they began to make an incredible sound which reverberated around the circle, it felt that this sound was assisting us by clearing the lower astral energies so that we could have clear communications with the inner planes. A mobad crystal table, as used by the ancient Grail Priest Kings and Priestess Queens appeared in the centre of our group.

The group shifted into another time reality where Tar’Aghen was active and populated we were informed that it was a University. A large stellar ship hovered above the building complex of the site with a beam of energy pulsating up and down connecting the ship and the site.

We then shifted into the time reality of the Temple of Manu and it was indicated that a great Earthquake not centred at this location had greatly affected the Temple site. An image of a large pair of hands in a downward V shape dug into the earth to uncover a cube shaped chest draped with a cloth and there was a strong indication that the Ark of An had been at this location.

A great curtain was seen and it connected to the torus energy that rose up from the crystal in the Temple of Manu and surrounded the earth, it was referred to as the Atlantean Veil. There appeared three fonts of water attached to the curtain and people were lined up and in an act of ablutions washed at each of these fonts in turn before they could pass beyond the curtain.

An ancient stone with the plan of the Temple of Manu carved on it was shown to be still at the Tar’Aghen site and currently lies buried there.

The very ornately decorated letters . The upside down letter ‘T’ is how it was seen and an emphasis that the ‘X’ = 10.

The lands to north were mentioned several times and a view of mountain peaks was seen with one of the peaks resembling a wolf’s head and we were informed that it housed the ‘hidden wolf’.

We were informed that Tar’Aghen was a site for the Grail Mysteries and the Grail Keepers and then it began to rain golden bees (bees made of gold) which are an ancient grail symbol of the grail families. There was also an image of three women around a cauldron, they were toning and chanting sacred incantations in another language as a vapour arose from the cauldron.

It was indicated that a strong connection with Ruta still remains at this site.

A multidimensional chess board appeared indicating three levels to the chess board, the chess pieces were unlike those commonly known. It appeared that the Tar’Aghen site works on a multidimensional level and that interaction with the site is like playing a game of multidimensional chess. I strongly feel that the three levels are also connected to the 3 millenniums as explained by THR.

A direct connection was shown between Tar’Aghen and Glastonbury Tor using the Reshel Earth Grid system anchored in Thurso. Tar’Aghen is on the main axis of the Reshel System at the point known as the Tsadey, this is the point of the high frequency gate of the Eye of Ra.

Thurso is the Shiyn pole and main spiritual centre of the grid, which connects via the Tavhara (Rose) Line to Glastonbury Tor. We were informed that this directly keys into the Harkening Event in March.

A huge swirling mass of clouds appeared above Tar’Aghen and a very thin tornado like twister appeared which began to write symbols on the ground throughout the Tar’Aghen site.

A pair of cupped golden hands came out of the earth offering a gift and in the palm of the hands was a triple spiral with a special twist within it and crossed over the hands was a pair of swords.

For the duration of the free flow our bodies were scanned by an energy disc which moved up and down our bodied and our spinal columns were retuned by tiny little fairy like beings. On completion of the free flow we were shown how the cells of our bodies had become the colours of the rainbow indicating a frequency alignment with our Pure Gem bodies.

The “eye of man” was mentioned and it felt strongly that this was a reference to something more than the human eye at this point we were each given a piece of a jigsaw which placed at the centre of the stone ring around our personal crystal and this formed a human eye. This was followed by a voice saying “the eye of the unicorn awakens.”

The ‘Path of the Mother was mentioned (North West in the Templa Mar ) according to THR/Maia the meaning of the Path of the Mother is : “Whereas the Southern Door allows nature entry into the matrix, the Path of the Mother offers it the soul of the earth. This is the most sacred breath of Gaia that fills the energy system of the Templa Mar. With each breath of the Earth Soul, so the matrix of the Templa Mar is infused with her sacred presence, as represented in the crystal egg of her womb. Keynote Receptors: divine feminine, breath, soul light.”

At the end of our meditation there appeared a sphere; it split in half horizontally and opened to reveal a golden egg with inscriptions on it.

A male being was seen within the sun and then an image of a black sun was seen indicating the sun atoma within the earth, there appeared to be a polarity exchange between the masculine solar sun and the feminine inner earth sun. The ancient divine feminine in the form of the Black Madonna appeared to be stirring from the inner earth and she appeared as the Divine Mother figure Mari Anna walking through Tar’Aghen towards the stone ring where we were situated. Then a Lily sprouted at the centre of the stone ring and on the tips of the petals were dewdrops of an energy substance. I view this as a direct link to the ‘UPDWELLING’.

An indescribably large light ship hovered over the earth and a voice said, “the merging is coming.”

We gave our thanks and ended the process.

* * * * * * *


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