The APIS Connection


My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa has related to me that this chamber (actually several, connected as catacombs) was constructed  to serve the same purpose as the Pyriethum – to house more of the Suna Apis. However, this project was never completed, nor were these particular sarcophagi ever occupied by any Suna Apis. This was due to a cosmic event taking place that prohibited the installment from taking place.  However, these chambers and their sarcophagi may well be used in the near future, in possibly a slightly different way.

READ ABOUT THE PYRIETHUM AND THE SUNA APIS: Note that the word “Apis” for the Egyptian sacred bull is a symbol for the Solar Lords who give of their form to hold suspended state. Also, within the Pyriethum is to be found one of the three Thresholder Gates for the Radius Pyramids.

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