The La’Shan’Ka’Ra Lotus Matrix

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In my Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids article, my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa introduced me to what he calls the “la’Shan’Ka’Ra Lotus Matrix.

As he stated:

The Bosnian Pyramid Complex was created by the Master Builders of the Sun Bow Clan. It is one of three key “Thresholder Gateway” complexes which they constructed on the Earth. The other two are yet to be excavated. The other two are in China and Egypt (not the Giza Plateau). While they are multi-purpose in nature,the main focus of these Thresholder Gateways is to create pyramidal and other sacred geometries of LIGHT – full of New Earth information for the complete Ascension dynamic of the planet. When the Earth and it’s inhabitants begin the final mass Ascension ( or better called “translation”) passage, these Thresholder Gateways will send out ultra-light beams which link together the three Gateway, and form a La’Shan’Ka’Ra Lotus matrix around the entire sphere of the Earth.

When they fully activate, the main core of each of the Gateways will form pyramids and other sacred geometries inside the La’Shan’Ka’Ra Lotus matrix. Some of these – from among the pyramids – will be physically manifest in a matter of hours at various locations around the planet.

He also refers to this matrix as the “Pyramidis Radius.” A recent article was brought to my attention the other day – “Scientists Baffled…World’s Pyramids Are Reactivating.” I quote from this article:

World’s pyramids reactivating

Pyramid technology is ancient and global. Fantastic pyramids have been discovered beneath the twisted growth of South American jungles, the ocean’s floors, on high plateaus and desolate deserts.

Some who’ve researched these ancient silent stone sentinels are convinced that at least a few of the mighty structures are actually advanced machines—machines engineered to accomplish purposes so vast that the energies unleashed could dwarf today’s most advanced technology.

With the recent astonishing activity of Aztec and Mayan pyramids, and the giant pyramid in Bosnia, the hypothesis that some of the ancient structures are machines suddenly appears entirely credible.

The Air Force’s infamous supersecret base at Groom Lake, Nevada—also known as “Area 51″ or “Dreamland”—has just finished constructing a massive desert pyramid.

Will it tie into the network of ancient pyramids worldwide and draw upon alien technology to absorb the rippling dimensional energies to power…what?

Now, it seems the hidden technology of those ancient structures is being activated as massive pyramids around the globe are shooting pulsing streams of raw energy deep into space.

Although NASA covered up the strange photon cloud that’s now enveloped the solar system, the word has leaked out from some scientists.

And now, as the ominous cloud approaches it’s affecting the sun and planets in measurable ways.

Amazingly, as the bizarre energy invades our space, some of the world’s most famous pyramids are generating intense energy.

Several incredible incidents of visible power beams shooting skywards into space towards the region of the alien photonic cloud are well-documented.

Tourists screamed, others shot hasty videos with their camera phones as the Mayan pyramid rumbled. But no earthquake followed, instead a brilliant beam of light shot skyward into space as awed onlookers gasped, wondering what it meant. That amazing incident was followed by the vortex blast—witnessed and captured on film—shooting from the apex of the famous Aztec Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Recently, Chinese scientists have activated a special team that has been studying the great Xianyang pyramid that sits near Mount Baigong in the western province of Qinghai, China. They are now closely monitoring the pyramid for signs it might activate as others have.

The pyramids—natural reservoirs of earth energy and advanced capacitors engineered to draw upon the planet’s magnetic force field—are releasing and blasting pure energy into the drifting space cloud engulfing our defenseless planetary system.

The predicted harmonics have been heard, recorded, and heatedly discussed since the spring of 2011.

In my article, Ness of Brodgar – Tar’aghen , I quote from a Thoth transmission:

The purpose of both Tar’Aghen and Manu was to mark a place of “Awakening” of a “Great Light of the Ages.” This is one of the places where in the future there will be projected a Radius Pyramid from the Thresholder Gateways.

Now, I ask Thoth to address the apparent fact that many pyramids are sending out signals now – not just the three “Thresholders” of Bosnia, China and Egypt.

ThothHorRa: Yes, most of the true “Master Builder” pyramids and other ancient Earth monoliths, such as standing stone complexes are activating now. While these are not Thresholders, they  do form a base line energetic for the entire Pyramidis Radius matrix.

Understand that even now, this awakening system is transforming the DNA of all living beings on Earth…and it will continue to do so. Such “machines” as the Hyrim E’baph Table beneath the Sphinx are inclusive of this process and are activating as well. Thus, you were given the symbolic versions of the 13 primary plates on the Hyrim E’baph table to enable individuals to attune to and integrate more seamlessly with these frequencies. (view the video of the Hyrim E’baph medallions and process in the video section of the Kyi’Ra Portal)

The whole dimensional realm of the Earth’s sacred geometry is expanding now….it is aligning to the frequency of the LOTUS – the La’Shan’Ka’Ra.

We have given you the symbolic triggers to several of the important stages (most overlapping) of the Ascension dynamics at this time…

Jewel of the Sphinx

Opening of the Lotus

Rose Mystic and the Magadelene StarSeeds

The Harkening

The Updwelling

These are very real and powerful dymamics at work now on the planet and in the elemental and energy bodies of all living things.

Yet at the center of it all…is the HUMAN Being – the JEWEL in the Lotus of the New Earth!

Maia: This is as was as stated in the Jewel of the Sphinx video. It is interesting that after I made this video – just the other day – this article appeared before me: A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics

Excerpts from the article:

Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality…This is completely new and very much simpler than anything that has been done before…

The revelation that particle interactions, the most basic events in nature, may be consequences of geometry significantly advances a decades-long effort to reformulate quantum field theory, the body of laws describing elementary particles and their interactions.

In keeping with this idea, the new geometric approach to particle interactions removes locality and unitarity from its starting assumptions. The amplituhedron is not built out of space-time and probabilities; these properties merely arise as consequences of the jewel’s geometry. The usual picture of space and time, and particles moving around in them, is a construct.

AND SO….according to my Thothic transmissions, WE are the jewel – the sacred geometry. The heart of all quantum existence is embedded in the human element. As part of the LOTUS matrix of the La’Shan’Ka’Ra , so we are the “Jewel in the Lotus” and thus becoming activated through a re-genesis to command the very dynamic of the universe which we are currently engaging as (for lack of a better terminology) Ascension Mechanics.

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