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Re-blogging from my Island in the Stream.

Islands in the Stream

The other night I saw in my mind’s eye a circle of mountains – I thought – but later Thoth tells me this was in a cavern deep inside the Earth – not “Interior World” but deep, immense cavern.

Amid the points of these inner “mountains” I saw what could only be described as Illumined human-like Beings. They were each individually surrounded by a crystalline light field – sort of like a test tube turned upside-down over them. They were standing erect in this crystal-light substance. I felt a building, a synchronizing of energies among them. It was almost as if they were having crystals grown within them.

So I ask ThothHorRa: Can you tell me who these beings are, what their purpose is and where are they?

Thoth: They are the Dubakai or Crystalline Ones from the 12th dimension. They are becoming attuned to the crystalline matrix of…

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One thought on “Maia’s Visions 0_0

  1. *Maia, * * As I read your vision & description of these beings, and their being related to the Carlsbad caverns, the turned over test-tube, etc., to me they were ‘growing/developing’ like stalagmites. Pretty far-out impression – yet there it was.

    * *Also – I related to the universal ‘sound’ you described. Only through my training in deep listening did I come to realize **one day that I have always had an underpresence of sound & angelic singing in my brain – so low that without my practice to listen deeply, I had never heard it until that day when I could detect it, and of coure since then I have always been able to tune in to hearing it.

    * *in a dream the other night I was singing along with the choir in Latin words that were typed into the screen for me to follow along. It may have actually been a language that resembles Latin because when I awoke & tried to remember it all – the words were very like Latin but I recognized that there was also a difference.

    I want to say Maia that I am very glad to hear of your experiences – especially in this time we are in where it seems that nothing is as it seems or as we have known it, without a clear picture or knowing of where this leads.

    * *The closer I get to my true self, the more I realize that all my life I have not felt a ‘fit’ with those around me and have worn a facade that looks like what others wish to see – but I have worn it for my safety. I am now coming to realize this part of myself, not as something alien to others but as that part of me that may be the genuine core of who I am & which will lead me into the future.

    * *An interesting realization – as I find it challenging to what little patience I have these days for us to move into the higher dimesional reality – this nether region of needing to have one foot in 3rd & the other in 4-5th no longer works for me & the complete shift needs to happen soooon.

    * *I admire your ability to write of these things the way you do – of your advisor who is a part of you – it is difficult for me to narrow my own experiences so well as they are never so willing to give-up their connection to one source. Can be very confusing and therefore I simply have difficulty expressing them all coherently! :-))

    * *All my best!

    * *~ marty * *


    On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 4:24 PM, The Crystalline Matrix wrote:

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