Pyramidis Radius – Into The Rabbit Hole


In order to get the most out of the following article, you may wish to check the links on the Pyramidis Radius ref. page.

The Pyramidis Radius (PR) or the La’Sha’Ka’Ra Lotus Matrix is now the major Earth matrix. All other matrices-grids of the planet are being energetically encompassed within it as it develops rapidly into it’s 1st stage form.

This Matrix is the engine for all Ascension interfaces of Earth. It is a system of networking all elements into “new state” process, so that the most basic life structures are able to communicate with what my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa is calling “new state” frequency. This frequency builds the sacred geometry of the New Earth and our future Pure Gem bodies.

Every plant and animal is being “brought into” the envelope of the PR…as is each human being. However, this process is a one-by-one assimilation with humans. Flora and fauna are coming in at a more rapid rate.

What we call “Light Groups” – people coming together either physically or at a distance via the cyber-world to focus on specific spiritual activity, are also being brought into the Matrix. By this is meant that the field of energy which that group forms is now (or soon will be) directed by and developed within the PR. This will at first be true even when individuals within the Light Group may not yet be personally (energetically) within the Matrix.

However, eventually all of Earth and it’s Kind that choose to engage the New Earth Star Consciousness will come into the Pyramidis Radius. Those who do not choose…they will go on in a World System I field of reference, as opposed to transferring into a World System II New Earth reality. Of course, all eventually will “get there” at some point in their evolution. I am speaking here of the Earth planetary experience, for when “Ascension” takes place on this planet, those who do not choose the experience, will leave the body and become part of another planetary incarnational field within a World System I realm again.

The actual “on the ground” schematic for the World Ascension dynamic is what Thoth calls the “Ascension Temple” or Templa Mar. I have written much about it in the past, so won’t elaborate further in this article. You will find a link to this material on the Pyramidis Radius ref. page. The PR is the Matrix for all modus operandi of the Templa Mar now – at this stage of development and through until the final stage begins.

Now I wish to share with you my personal experience with being brought into the Pyramidis Radius Matrix…

Some weeks ago during the night while I was sleeping I became aware that I shifted to a deep altered state which was not a normal sleep state. I felt a guiding force present – entities involved, but saw no one. I then saw myself inside a tunnel of light – the “walls” moving point of light – or perhaps I was the one moving through it rapidly. I would pass through squares of larger bands of light and when I went through each band I could feel a vibrational shift in my whole being.

I knew that at first I was inside the Elohim “computer” of Thoth’s – the Pymander. Then, however, I was “told” that I was being transferred into the Pyramidis Radius Matrix. This whole experience was quite visceral. My brain was alive with activity and yet I was filled with a sense of harmony, focus and direction. There was nothing chaotic about it. I don’t know how long this lasted as it seemed to be an out-of-time episode. When it completed I “awoke” and felt wonderful and bubbly all over. Since I live with chronic fatigue, this was quite unusual for me. Unfortunately the feeling dissipated rather quickly but was great while it lasted!

Thoth later told me that each person’s experience would actually be quite similar to mine, but most would not remember that it had occurred. In fact, I only remembered a very tiny part of what happened.

Pyramidis Radius 101 is my new New Earth Ascension video. As per usual with my videos, it was created to be activational – bringing the individual into a more direct contact with their natural spiritual energy-impulses. While there is some information within the video, it’s primary purpose is to take you into your own interactive experience with the PR – to prepare you for actual assumption within it…or in some cases, to prompt the engagement as you are watching it. It is recommended that you view PR 101 more than once.

Remember to explore the links on the Pyramidis Radius ref. page for further elucidation on this subject.

2 thoughts on “Pyramidis Radius – Into The Rabbit Hole

  1. This is very interesting. A couple of years ago I had a dream-vision where this being of fire threw a fireball at me, and as it came closer to me it formed into what I understood to be a hypercube that looked just like one of these crystalline matrix. I then went through me. Never understood exactly what had occurred. I thought it had something to do with protection. So this helped to verify. Thanks Maia for posting!


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