Resonant Beings of Frequency

ThothHorRa, my inner-planes mentor speaks to me about the importance of our body and Earth frequencies, and how the Pyramidis Radius Matrix  is formulating a new frequency-vibrational table for the entire planet. What we have now on this planet is a largely distorted frequency world. The Pyramidis Radius will begin to re-dress this condition. According to Thoth, frequency creates the electromagnetic zones of the whole Earth experience. These zones form tunnels or pathways  of more frequencies within which the many alternate “realities” of the Earth are created. As our frequencies become imbalanced, so does the full multiple reality spectrum of the Earth. This is a broad topic I will not elaborate upon at the moment, but suffice to say that we do need these dimensional realms in order to function as a whole-planetary effort. As an erosion occurs in our electromagnetic fields and thus the planet’s multiple reality spectrum, so even our brains start to shut down electrically and magnetically.

Understand that what Thoth is calling (through me) Earth’s “multipule realities” is basically evolutionary spheres of resonance with the greater universal Continuum – that which draws all to SOURCE.

Although the Pyramidis Radius is rectifying certain frequency-nodes on the planet, as this re-balancing continues there will be a schism between what is occurring inside the Pyramidis Radius Matrix (think of it a sophisticated reality zone) and the “real time” planet which is continuing to be frequency-eroded by human technology.  Here we see the “Two Worlds” become more and more pronounced.

As more and more humans enter the Pyramidis Radius Matrix (PRM) through natural process, so they will benefit from the re-balancing of the Earth frequencies within it. Those human not yet in – or choosing not to be in, the PRM – will continue to be exposed to the eroded frequencies of the real time Earth sphere. It is important to understand that inclusion into the PRM is a natural process. However, those whose incarnating egos choose to block this process, will indeed block it and not be received by the PRM.

When I say that the PRM is beginning to rebalance the planet’s frequency – this is not an immediate thing. Even those people who are vibrationally within the PRM are still now living in real time as well.  All humans need to take steps to reduce this invasion in our current-time life and those of other living things of the Earth.

The following is a fascinating documentary on our frequency planet – the eroding of it’s natural frequency through modern technology and the effect of these distorted frequencies on living beings.

How to Protect Yourself When Using a Cell Phone

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