Winged Chariot of Ison!

My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa confirms that the crop circle depicted above is indeed intended to represent Ison. This “winged” transformation of the Emissary (as Thoth refers to it) is a stage of activation in it’s seeding process – Ison being a “world-maker” creation merkabah. Read my previous article on Ison

There are other crop circles through the years that also reveal the sacred geometry and science of Ison. Read Article

Also – How extreme the effects will be, I have not been shown, but there will be some level of frequency – electromagnetic disturbance – IF the “Emissary” comes around the sun. If it does not?  However, Earth is already being influenced by Ison – the “World-Maker.”

* * * * * * *

CONCERNING MATERIAL I PRESENT: Not every single word in these videos and articles created by or written by others necessarily agrees with my sources, but the core information does. Also, when reading any “channeled” information always bear in mind that it is being received through a human personality, and thus the interpretation of the pure energy streaming will be colored in varying degrees, by the “lens” of that person. In viewing these videos or reading the articles one needs to think and more importantly – feel for themselves, what among it all resonates for you and what does not.

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