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“And those who pursue this line of investigation must not be afraid to ask how the movements of planets may have contributed to an electrified cosmic environment of which science knew nothing only a few decades ago.
” quoted from  Symbols of an Ancient Sky

In the early 1970’s my mother sent Immanuel Velikovsky some of my akashic translations, or maybe just wrote about them in her letter to him. I don’t remember exactly. He wrote back in his native language – Russian. We did manage to get someone to translate it for us. I don’t recall what he wrote, only that it was a positive response. I never read his books, but my mother read one – “Worlds in Collision,” and told me about it. I kind of blew it off at the time. My reasoning was that my sources (Ultra-terrestrials as this was BT – “Before Thoth”) had never told ME about the planets doing all that stuff, so it must not be true (uuh I was very young then).

Well somehow Mr. Velikovsky and his theories simply slipped through the cracks for all these years. Much akashic water has passed under the bridge of my mind since then.

Along the way the akashic book has opened to me (with at times assistance from Thoth) on:

  • the two moons of the pre-Atlantean Deluge Earth
  • destruction of the two moons and ice canopy being caused by the “time tsuami”
  • the Kali Rift
  • Plasma energies and beings
  • electromagnetic zones (and the realites they create)
  • The Reshel dynamic, which plays into Velikovsky’s ancient solar model
  • revelations concerning Venus and Mars
  • and more

All the above profoundly relates to the basic theories of former planetary placement and dynamics of this solar system in the not-too-distant past…and to an “electric universe.” It has all been hidden to me in plain sight for years, awaiting the “ahh haa” in viewing the videos below. Without the understanding of the basic principles related: planets changing placement  in our (and no doubt other) solar systems within a very short period of time and the electrical nature of the universe, we cannot see beyond our noses when it comes to understanding our natures – our past, present and future – as we so choose to divide our senses.

Then, just the other day I came across these videos – I guess that after nearly forty years it was time for me to put all these pieces together.

If this topic draws you, please do prioritize to view the videos below, as they will greatly add to the quickening of your personal Awakening dynamic.

2nd video in the series

You Tube statement:

Here we offer David Talbott’s first glimpses of celestial dramas in ancient times. Just a few thousand years ago a gathering of planets hung as towering forms in the ancient sky close to the earth, provoking spectacular electric discharge formations above our forebears.

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Thoth has focused upon me through the years, the importance of the SUN and indeed all Star-Suns as “Living Lights”; and that human kind are “solar beings” in nature. Also, that that our sun and again I am assuming all true electrical plasma suns, are stargates into other dimensions.

You Tube Statement:

In this interview, Gregory Sams, author of ‘Sun of GOd’ provides fascinating insights into the meaning of our closest star — the Sun. Gregory proposes that far from being just a meaningless ball of plasma, the Sun is an aware and conscious entity. Is this why so many ancient civilizations from the Sumerians, to the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Celts and Native Americans revered and worshiped the sun as a god? Gregory’s ideas may seem radical, but up until 2,000 years ago, this was a widespread perspective throughout the world.
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Gregory Sams Website

* * * * * * *

Maia: Were the planets actually in vastly different placement only a few thousand years ago?

Thoth: This is so, but then also understand that the electromagnetic zone in which humanity now perceives itself was operating in another frequency, far different than it is today. It is difficult to differentiate which is the primary action in this regard: the changing positions and influences of the planetary bodies causing the shift in Earth’s electro-magnetic frequency (zone) or the electromagnetic zone those humans dwelt within allowing the perception and effect of the planets in a vastly different configuration than today.

Electro-magnetic frequencies are far more complex and layered that what can currently be perceived by Earth science. Yet like all of the electrical universe, they are charged by the same source  at the center of the universe. Thus, there is an orchestration of all the electrical energies all the time within the universal concordance. That said, it is actually the shifting of the electromagnetic zone which allowed Earth and it’s inhabitants to be filled with “awe and wonder” at the planetary dynamics they then experienced. If the world were to shift once again into that electromagnetic zone, the same dynamics of worlds would be upon them once again.

Maia: Wow! Now that is not in the videos – at least none I have watched so far. So what is ahead for Earth when – as in my vision of the White Horses and Chariot, the two horses are pulled apart and “at this defining moment, humanity will be unseated from it’s mortal reign upon Earth as it is now.”

Thoth: The electromagnetic frequency zone of the planet will shift dramatically and instantly. The senses of all living beings – most especially Human, whose eyes are the most closed to the Energy Universe – will be opened, like a gate flung ajar to the majestic Presence of God!

Maia’s related links:

Kali Rift

Evolution of Earth within Multiple Realities

In the time when the Eyes of Mirab shown brightly, the cycle of Cancer was known as Mirab, the Mother of the Sea. She stood upon the back of a giant crab and wore a crown of seven stars which represented the Seven Priestess Stars of the Pleiades. The Eyes of Mirab were the two moons of earth (this was when the earth still had two moons), and Mirab was encircled with the korcoba, the Sun Robe, which was a symbolic representation of the solar infusion patterns within the heart, and is also to be found in microcosm within the atom. The Sun Robe is woven from the receptors of Divine Presence which are braided into the atoms of the subtle-physical body. – full article on Spirit Mythos

Exploring the Electromagnetic Zones

The “whole system” of a planet, with it’s numerous systems-within-systems is imprinted within the crystalline field that creates and resides within the DNA. The crystalline field receives it’s programming from what the Lemurians called ikonos. The ikonos are floating rods of etheric plasma that move in a wave form, through dimensions. They are not found in “space,” but in the etheric sea which contains space. The ikonos are almost beyond our comprehension, but basically (very basically) they are intelligent conductors of the original Creation. They contain the alpha and omega codes of the universe. When they interact with the hecitates or creation cones of world systems, the 12 major crystalline geometries orIvI are formed with a crystalline field radiating out from them.  – full article on Spirit Mythos

Calibration of the Midnight Sun

The Solar Mysteries

* * * * * * *

CONCERNING MATERIAL I PRESENT: Not every single word in these videos and articles created or written by others necessarily agrees with my sources, but the core information does. Also, when reading any “channeled” information always bear in mind that it is being received through a human personality, and thus the interpretation of the pure energy streaming will be colored in varying degrees, by the “lens” of that person. In viewing these videos or reading the articles one needs to think and more importantly – feel for themselves, what among it all resonates for you and what does not.

* * * * * * *

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One thought on “Symbols of an Ancient Sky

  1. Maia, thank you so much for this! It has completely opened up my world and mind. I truly feel like I’m starting to ‘get it’ and this has been a key puzzle piece for me in remembering. Looking forward to having some time to correlate this info with some of your stuff!


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