The Sacred An & 13th Crystal Skull

A previous posting on Island in the Stream which probably should have been on Crystalline Matrix instead, as it involves the sacred places, nodes , grids and energies of the planet.

Islands in the Stream


Shortly before I moved to Crestone, Colorado in 1994 (where I lived for seven years), I was given by my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, information on this region – the San Luis Valley – a high mountain plateau in the Sangre de Christo mountains.

 The San Luis Valley, with the major node being Crestone / Baca Grande / Great Sand Dunes region, is the crown chakra of what Thoth calls the “Ascension Temple” of the Earth. The Ascension Temple is the manifestation of Ascension dynamics in the Earth, containing the “Golden Taya” lands – the Light encodings of which will “ascend” with humanity and other living creatures of the Earth, into the “New Earth Star.”

 It was also revealed to me by Thoth that one of his two “retreats” was in a mountain there, which he calls “Crest-In-The-Stone.” The town of Crestone is nestled near it. His other more…

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