The Sacred An – Update

If you have not read  The Sacred An & 13th Crystal Skull, the following will not make much sense.

 Transmission from ThothHorRa, given on January 4th, 2014 . . .

On January 25th, 2014 the Sacred An will begin it’s translation from the Mount of Sinai into it’s Thresholding Chamber of Crest in the Stone (Challenger Peak, Crestone, Colorado). Understand that this is an inter-dimensional process and that my “Retreat” there, containing the Thresholding Chamber is in a slightly removed dimension, but is is nevertheless present within the mountain and radiating outward from that node.

The installation of the Ark will proceed through January 30th in the count of linear time. During this period the aether of that region will be more active – moving, as if the air is a liquid streaming. This will not be noticeable to most, but it will be within the range of human senses if one is aware enough to be present with it – even if as a subtle experience.

Once the Ark is removed from the Sinai – or perhaps even before the process is completed – there will be some events taking place in the Middle East that will not be reported by the media (although some alternative media may pick up on it). These events will seem non-related to one another and somewhat “odd” to the observers. This will be due to a displacement of etheric current as the Ark is taken from the region.

Areo-Pax or “Isis Eye” is the key dynamic for insertion of the Sacred An into it’s new Thresholding Chamber within Crest in the Stone.

 To be continued…

* * * * * * *

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7 thoughts on “The Sacred An – Update

  1. Maia,-Thoth, hi

    With Gratitude…in Fullness..for your service to the One.
    I look forward then to the many works of The Christic Archangel ARHAIEL


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