The Time of Purification

Tribelight Station

In 1988 a friend was going on a journey, which included Mt. Sinai. She asked me what my inner-planes mentor Thoth might wish for her to do. He requested that as she climb the sacred mountain (on 8/08/88) there would be something in “pieces” at her feet,and to bring these pieces back to me. As she was climbing Mt. Sinai, she suddenly remembered this, and looked to her feet…finding pieces of a tablet with inscriptions in some language on it (to this day, for all we know it could be Hebrew saying “this way to the restrooms” lol). When she delivered them to me, Thoth told me to keep these pieces and that at the right time the Hopi Tablet Keeper was to “hold them in his hands” and then return them to me.

Living in San Antonio, Texas at the time and not a traveller myself, the odds of…

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One thought on “The Time of Purification

  1. *Mmmmm – while I lived there I experienced low 5-D – and that was mid 1990’s. Despite many cabal connections there it is a very powerful place.*


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