More Pyramids!

As I wrote in a previous article on this site . . .

Now, I ask Thoth to address the apparent fact that many pyramids are sending out signals now – not just the three “Thresholders” of Bosnia, China and Egypt.

ThothHorRa: Yes, most of the true “Master Builder” pyramids and other ancient Earth monoliths, such as standing stone complexes are activating now. While these are not Thresholders, they do form a base line energetic for the entire Pyramidis Radius matrix.

Understand that even now, this awakening system is transforming the DNA of all living beings on Earth…and it will continue to do so. Such “machines” as the Hyrim E’baph Table beneath the Sphinx are inclusive of this process and are activating as well. Thus, you were given the symbolic versions of the 13 primary plates on the Hyrim E’baph table to enable individuals to attune to and integrate more seamlessly with these frequencies. (view the video of the Hyrim E’baph medallions and process in the video section of the Kyi’Ra Portal) – complete article

Here is another important pyramid in the Matrix . . .

I am receiving that Portugal has other ancient sites linked into the primary operation of the PRM as well This link reveals a rich “sacred site” collection there.



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