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Here are the main articles on the installing of the Sacred An (Ark) into it’s new and last Thresholding Chamber – suggested reading so the following will be better understood:

The Sacred An and 13th Crystal Skull

The Sacred An – Update

Also of related interest, the first part (my story) of The Time of Purification.

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Tor Hill at Glastonbury, UK
Tor Hill at Glastonbury, UK

Dream-Vision of Sandra Lewallen (close friend and member of SiStarhood of An light group):

In the early morning hours of Jan. 21st (2014), I was in that in-between state of sleep and awake. I was transported to the bottom of Tor Hill where I saw myself standing. Not the me of today, another me, much taller and willowy. I was cloaked from head to foot so could not see the features of this other me but I knew myself. The light was light of twilight and very ethereal. I held a tall staff in my right hand but could not see the details of this either. I saw myself plant this staff firmly in the ground at the bottom the Hill and I said ” It Is Done.” As the staff entered the ground bright blue lines like lightening bolts ran through the hill all the way up to the bottom of the Tor, straight up the Tor and out the top of it. And then I woke. This was so powerful.

From issue 1-2 – 1995 of Temple Doors
(“Tehuti” is Thoth)

In the Baca Grande (adjacent to the town of Crestone, Colorado) is 80 acres containing a hill upon which arises a yellow-gold ziggurat (spiral tower) from the landscape, with the mystical Sangre de Christo mountain range, include majestic Mt. Blanca, in the background. The ziggurat was supposedly built by a young man from the Middle East who is the current owner of the property. He is said to have constructed it in memory of a lost love. Tehuti tells us that the geomancy of the Earth in this area, centering on the hill with the ziggurat, is especially powerful, and an anchor point to the center of the planet.

Below Tehuti speaks on correlation between Glastonbury Tor in England and the ziggurat land in Crestone, Colorado, which he calls Auramur (literal translation: Heart Sun of the Mother Earth-Sea…archetypal translation: Bridge of the Sun):

Tehuti: Glastonbury and Auramur are connected by a golden etheric cord of light called the Phakni. This was created by the Dannan eons ago in preparation for the future relocation of the Ark to the Valley of the Golden Disc. Glastonbury is the center of the Grail Mysteries on the Earth. Tor Hill is the center point of that center. In order for the Ark of Grace to complete its program of Light in the 2ML World, it must be united with the codes contained in the Grail of Light.

The resonating disc of golden grid lines synchronizes and unites all Light engendered consciousness with the Sacred valley. It “reformats” this consciousness into a nesting or interlinking hologram which is separate from the base line of 2 ML reality. This process is gradually establishing a reality frame that will be an intermediary between the crumbling, Oritronic 2 ML and the future Metatronic 3 ML. The land we define here as Auramur contains the dynamic core link through Ziggurat Hill, to the sun atoma at the center of the Earth. This is the anchor or bridge of the sun that keeps the Golden Disc in balanced resonance with the center of the planet and its “Sun Rose” core. Glastonbury, the font of the Crystal Isle of Avalon, contains some of the purest Light codes for the coming planetary ascension. These are embedded like fine, pearlized crystal beads in the sacred vestments of the land. In transferring these codes through the “golden cord” to Auramur, they must pass via Tor Hill, through the central sun atoma or “Sun Rose”, upward through Ziggurat Hill to Auramur. This path of the Holy Fire transfigures the Light Codes of Glastonbury into a fiery shield of Diamond Light called the Huroiishavama. This is the merkabah of the Metatronic Lords of Light. Out picturing through Ziggurat Hill, the Huroiishavama is contained for the time being in a cell of brilliance which we shall call by its Mari name, Samtii, “the pearl house.” Interdimensionally, the pearl house is maintained beneath the ziggurat. It shields and protects the Huroiishavama, also masking the powerful Metatronic field projected from this merkabah, preventing it from disrupting the 2 ML reality still present in the San Luis Valley (Valley of the Golden Disc).

At a future time this Diamond Light Shield will arise from its pearl house to create the merkabah field for the receipt of the Ark of Grace into its domain in the Sacred Valley.

Glastonbury is the main interface with Auramur through Ziggurat Hill, while other major sacred sites are accessed inter dimensionally. One of these sites is the “Crystal \ Tower” in the Valley of the Blue Star in Tibet, another the Magdalene Tower in Rennes Le Chateau, France. Both Glastonbury Tor and Auramur’s Ziggurate Hill are major entry points to the Planetary Labyrinth Grid. This grid connects all labyrinths of pattern in the outer

dimensions (as on the floor of Chartes Cathedral in France and the underground labyrinths that may be found beneath such sacred structures as St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome) and the inner planes (such as the RA-UM, established by the Order of the Burning Bush through Tribelight: (see SOURCE issue 2-’88, predecessor to Temple Doors).

An excerpt from The Arthurian Tarot, A Hollowquest Handbook, by Caitlin
and John Matthews:

Upon a high tor, a tower is struck by lightening, masonry falls to the Ground. But, while the physical tower is shattered, a spiral tower of crystal remains. About the tor, the signs of the zodiac glow within the land. An owl flies upward.

Surely “Ascension Lands” such as the Valley of the Golden Disc are poised between two worlds. As the planet as a whole moves toward Her destiny, those of us on the Sacred Lands must become Grail Knights who will move between these realms for the benefit of all. Glastonbury, England is the “Third Eye” or Brow Chakra Ascension \ Gate just as the major portion of the San Luis Valley, including Crestone and Baca Grande is the “Crown Gate”.

~ end of article ~

Thoth’s interpretation of Sandra’s dream is very short and to the point. He tells me that it place focus upon the activation of the Diamond Shield arising from the “Pearl House” to create the merkabah field for the receipt of the Sacred An into it’s Thresholding Chamber within the Crest in the Stone of the San Luis Valley. This must be accomplished first, and will take place on January 25th. If Sandra had not had her dream, another SiStar of the An would not have called my attention to this article I wrote in 1995. It was important that those of us who are choosing consciously to work with this installation dynamic include the above information into the equation.

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4 thoughts on “DreamVision-Tor at Glastonbury-Sacred An

  1. Hello. The story of the tower in Baca Grande is COMPLETELY false! It was built by my husband, as an art project, as a lookout for the previous owner of the property, so that you could see the Great Sand Dunes, over the ridge that it was built on. The project has three parts, a walk to the lookout; a gate At the beginning, , a “compass” that is a huge concrete slab that reads the horizon line and finally the the “tower”. There is NOTHING metaphysical about it, as much as we would all like to think there is. Just an amazing art vision, by an amazing artist and man.


    1. Thanks for this info Suz! We heard that story in Crestone years ago by several locals, so assumed it to be true. However, that does not change the spiritual energetics of it’s placement there, and that node’s connection to Glastonbary. We are ALL guided by our Inner Spirit to do things, create things. go places…which we may THINK are for one reason, but have a much deeper purpose.


      1. Maia… completely concur with your comment. Also the Tower in the local Grid has other functions complementing the larger one you described. The red cement slab below the Tower is an important point (probably the slab Suz notes), as is the rough crescent-hill the Tower is sited on. The WHITE EAGLE is/was the main Time-Gate part of one of the important local grids, as is the CHARTRES labyrinth built by William Howell. Certainly an inspired project of the builder but a whole lot more, as you say. This whole area was vastly expanded at the time of the 2008 Olympics (Planetary Grid input). Further, the Arc of An arrival here was directly keyed into the formation of the CHUALAR Crop Formation near Carmel, CA (made by NVIDIA, but also inspired by innerplanes guidance). That Formation linked Hermes Retreat (and the Ark) with Hawaii in a new chakra point NW of your place.


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