Crystal Pyramids of Atlantis

These are part of the now-activating Pyramidis Radius Matrix, but what was their place in the time of Atlantis?


According to my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa the pyramids in the videos above were once a part of a transmission station on a high mountain of Atlantis – creating stargates through from Orion, the Pleiades, and several other star systems. They sent these “gates” onto a membrane or bubble-sheath connecting seven other pyramids: the Holy Doma, which I wrote about in the Temple Doors issues of 1995. To repeat for the sake of clarity: the two pyramids shown in the videos above are not of the Holy Doma, but the transmission centers for the stargates which were then sent as light streams onto the surface of the invisible matrix sheath connecting the seven pyramids of the Holy Doma.

When I received from Thoth the transmission in 1995 (below) I did not know about the Pyramidis Radius Matrix – which was revealed to me in 2013. Now I see how this all fits together.

From my Archives of Temple Doors – transmission from Thoth on 1/04/95

Beneath the sea and silt of the Atlantic are six pyramids once arising from the content of Atlantis in its early period when its land mass was at its largest. At that time, Ruta was an entire region of Atlantis, and not an Isle. In later periods, as the land broke apart, there remained a small island known as the “Holy Isle of Ruta’, where the Hyperborean Atlanteans (Rutan Atlanteans) congregated. When the larger area of Ruta existed, the pure Hyperborean’s, in congress with the Atlanteans of that Age, raised seven pyramid temples of extraordinary beauty and light. Six of these were half the size of the Giza Pyramid. The seventh, which was arranged at the center of the diamond lay of the other six, was the exact dimensions of the Giza Temple. Each of these seven temple-pyramids was created entirely of a precious gem. They were intended to bring what the Hyperborean’s called the Hukanus, or City of the Pure Gem into physical resonance with the Earth. The actual “City of the Pure Gem” is the true New Jerusalem, City of Revelation, Shamballah, etc. It is a high etheric overlay with the Earth’s 3ML New Earth Star reality. The name of the complex of Temples in Atlantean is THE HOLY DOMA or the Sacred Dome of Light. The individual temples of the Doma , and their gem stone:

  1. SARSA: Ruby 2) TEMIKIS:Golden Topaz 3) RODAN: Amethyst 4) AIPPISCIUS: Aquamarine 5) MOLODANITE: made of a lithium crystal not now known on the surface of the planet, which the Atlanteans called Sispequius, or “Heart Crystal”. It is a light pin-lavender, and is more like kunzite, also a lithium crystal, than any other known surface type, but far more fiery in nature and etheric conductivity. 6) PARACHAM: Punijo, another now surface-extinct lithium crystal, an indigo color. The SEVENTH Middle Pyramid, now ascended with the Isle of Ruta, is PASHATASARAK. It’s gem is kous Emerald, which is a quality of Emerald that is no longer found on Earth. ALL the gem stones given here are of a higher resonance than the now known forms, however, the kous Emerald is in even higher etheric gradient.

The HOLY DOMA will be reactivated as a necessary component for LIGHT PRINCIPLE FORTY. First, the ascended PASHATASARAK must be translated back into the 2ML Rutan apex. When we say ‘translated’, we do not mean the actual physical repositioning of the Emerald Pyramid to a location beneath the seas. We speak of engendered Light Mathematics, creating nesting grids to interlock the Light Form of the PASHATASARAK with the other six temples.

The facilitators of this translation are the ORHAMIS, the Rutan Ascended Masters who hold the deca codes for the ‘blown’ matrix tear (through which Ruta was drawn out and into its present position near the Eye of Ra). They will use a manifest of the 10 Pyra-Codes.

The ten Pyra-Codes are higher Light emanations which form the master template for creation. They form a vast network which is home to the higher manifestations of the Tree of Life in the many and One universes. ¹ These pyra-radial Light codes are the coordinating matrix between the worlds of the higher evolution, and those of the lesser evolutions, such as Earth.

By incorporating the ten Pyra-Codes in translating the nodal pyramid of the Doma, the ENNEAD ( a multi-grouping of Sephirothic life forms) will be directing the imprinting patterns of this pyramid-temple into the sophic field incorporated in the sacred geometry maintained by the six remaining pyramids.

The Seven “Awakening” Pyramids correlate in gem resonance and sacred geometry to the seven “Merak” energies.

The seven Merak energies serve a time function whereby they can interact with the ten Pyra-Codes and the recorder cell of the planet, to help realign the Holy Doma. They form an interlinking matrix between the human biological system, the planetary biosystem, and the stellar cosmic energies infusing this reality.

When the Seven Doma are re-grouped and re-calibrated to the Merak energies of the Earth’s ultra-continuum, they will begin to create a spinner field upon and within the planet, resonating in the activating mode, to Michaelilu. This process will, in graduation, align the planet to its true Spirit-axis, reactivating the major ascension centers of the Earth for their raising through the Threshold of LP-40. We call this the ‘LAZARUS MANIFOLD’.

The Pyra-Code time sequence for translating the PASHATASARAK is 24:12:16:05. In 2ML Earth linear time: MARCH 12TH, 1995, lasting through July 15th, 1995.

The Pyra-Code activation of the LAZARUS MANIFOLD (as a spinner field) is July 21st, 1995. This manifold will continue in stages of activity until the “Still point” of 24 days prior to LP40.

NOTE: Since these pyramids will be reactivated and aligned to the Universal Merak energies they contain the potential to reverse entropy, that is, the restore from chaos within the matrix of their focus. Thus, the LAZARUS MANIFOLD will be impacting humanity at the cellular level to restore our stellar orientation, or universal dicochromy. Our beings contained trapped starlight. Once this ‘starlight’ is allowed to reorientate toward “Home” we will become liberated entirely form our Oritronic half-light spectrum. It is suggested by Thoth Hermes, that individuals wishing to work with this potential, meditate regularly with the matrix of these seven pyramids.

Under a tree several hundred years old in Central Asia, is a tomb containing the remains of a male and female, both very large in statue (7 to 9 ft. tall). They died over 100,000 years ago, and were rulers of a Hyperborean –descended tribe. In their joint tomb is a golden tablet with Light Mathematical formulas for activating stellar consciousness (the “Starlight Factor”) within the structure of all matter. This tablet is not just a text, but a component to be entered into the LAZARUS MANIFOLD dynamic of the Doma Pyramid grid.


In regard to the last paragraph about the tomb in Central Asia…well, in 1995 I had not internet access and thus no Google, but now I find the video below. I feel certain that the couple mentioned above are among these giants once inhabiting certain areas of Central Asia….although many generations previous to the mummies now being discovered there.


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