The Return of the Ice Crystal Canopy

recent Aurora Borealis over UK
recent Aurora Borealis over UK

For many years I have received that outer Ice Crystal Canopy will be returning to the surface of the Earth (it remains within the Inner Earth)…as part of the stages leading us to “New Earth.” So what IS an Ice Crystal Canopy?



 Thoth told me that the Ice Canopy would begin to form again as part of the preparation for planetary Ascension. Then, more recently he stated that the UK would be the first place (as it was the last) for the Ice Canopy to begin to form again and the resultant portals between electro-magnetic zones of the planet (ie like Avalon) to begin to open again.

Now to the Aurora Borealis . . .

Thoth has stated that there IS a link between the presence of the Aurora Borealis and the global Ice Canopy from an etheric  perspective. So yes, this is a true sign that the global Ice Canopy is returning.

more info and pictures


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