Thoth on the Use of Oracle Tools

Mystical Streams


The image above is for my upcoming ORACLE OF DOORS – a series of cyber-oracles I am creating for my Kyi’Ra Portal membership. Already within the Portal are three previous Oracles I made some years ago. With the ORACLE OF DOORS I begin my new series…all exclusive for members of The Kyi’Ra Portal

I asked my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa to enlighten us on the merit of Oracle Tools. As I know from his tutoring on the subject that they are much more than some sort of “Fortune-Telling” medium. In my article on THOTH’S Oracle of Xii Readings (the next Oracle I plan to create as a Tool) is stated that the entity Thoth created the symbolic sets from which the Tarot was eventually derived…a much watered-down version by the time it reached “known history.”

Here is what he had to say on Oracle Tools . . .

In the Time…

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