Monoliths – Pyramids in Russia

The video below is quite amazing! ALL coming forward now, as Thoth predicted to me. But they have been there all along. Most have been visible (some not) so why are they just now being “discovered”? Because NOW IS THE TIME. We have lived to see it start happening folks!

In my latest transmission from Thoth he states:

In the Time of the Master Builders (mkn: of the Sun Bow Clan – as Thoth calls them) – long before recorded history – the many monoliths were raised by the Master Builders upon the Earth. This process continued across several million years of Earth time. These structure did and most still do, serve multiple purposes, but the core than links them all is to create a powerful Matrix across the planet that is currently coming alive for this purpose – now, in the 21st Century through the re-activation of the Pyramidis Radius.

I tell you this…and it has not been revealed to your current age before. Every STONE of these structures, as they are set upon the Earth and as they touch one another to create the full structure, form a Language of Light (LL). A true language, that when attuned to in the precise manner, delivers Living Symbols into the energy being; and pictures, words and thoughts into the mind. Further, each human being who taps into this source from one particular structure, accesses them all (although there is a unique LL signature for each structure)…and every individual will receive the signs and symbols in a way that is specific to them, and their need at the time. – full article

more info on these structures


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