The Crimean: Dreaming Zone?

This post is a follow-up to Monoliths – Pyramids in Russia

I was speaking with my dear friend and SiStar Lami whose father was Russian and her mother is Crimean. Her mother lives now in the “Crim.” Lami told me that the Crim has been considered a sacred place throughout it’s history. Years ago she spoke with a woman in a town there. The woman told her that she had frequent “dreams” in which she would see and communicate with beings from another planet, who looked human. They would give her healing and teach her things. In these dreams, there were other people there as well.

Often, after having dreamed, she would be walking in her town and see a person she had physically never seen before. They would stop and stare at one another and both acknowledge that they had met before – in the dream! This happened many times for the woman.

My inner-planes mentor Thoth tells me that there are several Ultra star races from the Unimanity of Worlds (as he refers to it – our Kindred)  who occupy that regions in underground bases and commune with people of the region.

The Crim is an incredibly beautiful and mystically inviting region, as you can see from the photographs above. According to Thoth it also contains more pyramids (mostly underground now) per square inch than any other country. It is very much at the core energetically of the Pyramidis Radius Matrix.


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