About the Crystalline Matrix

On the page tab above you will find Crystals and Grids 101. If you haven’t already explored the links on this page, I believe you will find them informative. In this article, I wish to bring forward your attention on the various old and new interdimensional insertions / installations of crystalline “feeds” into Earth’s crystals.

The definition as I understand it from Thoth on crystalline insertions: inserting interdimensional crystalline fields synapses into crystals which are not still in the veins of the Earth, ie the ones on your altar or in crystal shops. crystalline installations: installing interdimensional crystalline fields within specific veins of crystal in the Earth.

The “insertions” are synapses or bridges into the interdimensional field – this done in already mined crystal pieces. The “installations” are creating a matrix within a crystalline vein in the Earth which can then contain the streaming of a whole crystalline field. Any crystals then mined from that vein remain connected to the crystalline interdimensional field within it.

Insertions then, are kind of like “wifi” whereas installations are hardwired (ethernet).

An insertion can be programmed into the crystal by ultra-beings or…by the user of the crystal, who can call upon the ahhh shall we say “Crystalline Guardians” to create the insertion. That insertion can change. It can be taken out and another put in, by the “programmer.” If the crystalline field is not already installed in the Earth, it cannot be inserted into an individual crystal..usually. There are very rare exceptions.

An installation into an Earth vein is more embedded, as it circulates throughout the planet. Where ever that vein travels, it effects all it comes into contact with to some degree. I will not say that they cannot be removed, but not easily I would imagine. I do know that they rarely are – at least on this planet. What can change them is if the original source matrix is altered or disintegrated. That takes on the aura of a major interdimensional-cosmic event. It does happen.

There are numerous installed crystalline veins in the Earth which I am aware of…and these can also be transferred synaptically as insertions as well. What follows are the installations I am currently aware of, as well as some more exotic crystalline frequencies generated through natural evolution.

The Phi Crystalline Geometries are forming in our DNA as well as through many “veins” in the Earth.

The Amaru (also containing Phi geometries but of a specific nature).

Gate of Loki Crystals

Memunite Crystals – of a “divine” nature, within atomic particles – collecting more and more as we evolve with our planet. They are really not “inserted” or “installed.” They are a creation of our evolution.

Atlantean Crystals

I have not yet received information on MU (Lemurian) Crystals, but I know they exist.

Celestar Crystals – a type of Phi Geometry

Like the Memunite, the HEX-I-AM really do not come under any “category,” but they are of a crystalline nature.

Then there is the Andara Glass, which is not a true crystal on this plane of experience, yet contains amazing interdimensional properties. Thoth told me years ago that the Andara frequency would eventually manifest in actual crystals. Maybe soon now.

Even more crystalline energies are arriving in our midst now…whether installed (and thus inserted) or simply a part of our evolutionary development and expanding hologram leading us into the New Earth frequency of the Pyramidis Radius Matrix.


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