The Ancient Tepuis

Atuana "Tree of Life"
Atuana “Tree of Life”

“The Guayana Highlands ecoregion in northern South America is host to an archipelago of isolated sandstone plateaus and dramatic summits atop nearly vertical escarpments.

More than 50 of the highest tabletop mountains are the remains of the ancient sandstone tableland overlying the even more ancient granitic Guayana Shield. They range from 1,000 to 3,000 meters (m) in elevation. And they are called tepuis (singular: tepui), a word from the Pemón Amerindians.The ecoregion is also referred to as Pantepuis.

Many tepuis are graced with dramatic waterfalls, the tallest of which (in fact, the tallest in the world) is Angel Falls dropping 979 meters.

These dramatic features in the landscape perforate an extensive matrix of highland savannas and rain forests across southern Venezuela mostly, with a few outliers in western Guyana, Suriname, and northern most Brazil. Hundreds of smaller sandstone mountains exist in the ecoregion as well.

The Tepuis are characteristically flat-topped steep, nearly vertical escarpments interrupted by terraced talus slopes. Some mountains present more undulating irregular summit contours. Each mountain displays its own spectacular characteristics of shape, biodiversity or elevation. The highest peaks are Pico da Neblina in Brazil at 3,014 m, the adjacent Pico Phelps (2,992 m) in Venezuela, followed by Roraima-tepui (2,810 m) and Cerro Marahuaka (2,800 m), both in Venezuela. Cerro Ichún, close to the Brazil-Venezuela border, has the largest surface area of all the sandstone tabletop mountains with a total area of 3,260 km2 at an elevation of 1,400 m. “source

I have previously written about Roraima as node of a pyramid beneath it that my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa refers to as a Solar Maja. The whole of the Tepuis though, is a mass of Portals into various dimensional realms, as it was blown open from the Central Sun of the planet some 300 million years ago. Surges from the Central Sun “Atoma” have continued to roil up through this path to a lesser degree at certain times, ever since. However, the Solar Maja at that point is “capped” at this time.

You can see it as this energy fount “tea pot” with a lid on it that has holes through it…some places are “capped” and others are open. Some of the open points, periodically close and then open again with great frequency…like days or even hours between opening and closing, and re-opening again!

So why aren’t people accidentally crossing into these portals to simply disappear from “here” forever? This indeed happens with frequency. In fact, it happens all over the world with frequency. Usually through what Thoth calls “projected portals.” Unlike the Tepui plateaus, the projected portals are not anchored to the place they “touch down” for minutes, hours or days at a time. Their vectors are being flung off major anchored portals on the planet…like a mirror catching sunlight and shining it on a wall across the room.

But back to the topic of the Tepuis of South America, I claim an especially strong personal interest in them, as I was born in Venezuela, when my father was working there. We moved when I was 2 1/2 but I have some vivid memories of my time there. The strongest, is flying over Angel Falls with my parents in a prop plane, and my mother pointing it out to me, saying that some people say there may dwell dinosaurs atop it. Well, I was crazy about dinosaurs (I still am). How I knew about them at that tender age, can only be attributed to my mother, who filled my mind with wonders practically from the day I was born.

I know that it was intended I be born so near to the Tepiuis –  that immense conflagration of inter dimensional portals (several opening into the Inner Earth domain) – the vastest continuing portal maze on the planet!

The large crystal deposits in the Tepui plateaus (and inside / under them) are according to Thoth, also the largest in the world per square mile, both horizontally and vertically.

Thoth refers to the Tepuis Portal region as one a handful of “Supreme Solar Portals” on the Earth. To qualify for this title, it must be a multiple portal covering an extensive surface area. All the SSPs (Supreme Solar Portals) are extensively integrated into the Pyramidus Radius Matrix, and those major matixes within it, most specifically the Templa Mar.

Atuana (see photo at the beginning of this article) is known as the “Tree of Life”:

Autana, the tree of life, is a spectacular tepui located in the Amazonas state in Venezuela, part of the Guiana Shield. It stands 1,220 m (4,000 ft) above sea level. A unique cave runs from one side of the mountain through the other.

From the Records of Thoth, this Tree serves as an incredible Pillar of Light for the Tepuis SSP. It is like unto a receiving and transmitting tower.

The following video – just over 12 minutes in length, gives you a mesmerizing view of some of the Tepuis – Mount Roraima and Angel Falls in particular.




2 thoughts on “The Ancient Tepuis

  1. Fascinating! The shapes of the rocks reminded me of The Garden of The Gods in Manitou Springs Colo. I loved the part of the plants and how they had adapted to their environment as well as the little frog. And what a great place to go crystal hunting if you could get there..:)


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