The Seven Suns of X’al Chirhum

Islands in the Stream

We begin by quoting from a past transcript…

Se’Ra’Fana Adu Ra (Twin Flame of Thoth Hor Ra) transmission in Second Life on December 10th, 2010:

 I welcome you all here today, in this place dedicated to and installed with the seed – consciousness of the DWELLER Crystal skulls.

From the SERAPHIC ONES so the Light Codes for the NEW Heaven and Earth are given forth. They enter the 72 Crystal Skulls and are awaiting activation through the grouping  Starheart (Maia)  referred to as the 12. We shall call these 12 now the LOTUS – as previously there were 11 LOTUS but now another of the Dwellers has been added to complete the wheel. In La’ketch is the 13th. SHE is the Living Crystal BEING who shall come among the Kindred of Earth before the Ascending Time.
The Earth is now beginning to enter the edge or rim of the…

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