The 13th Living Crystal Skull


The Crystal Bearer by Maia Kyi'Ra - click to view large in store
The Crystal Bearer by Maia Kyi’Ra – click to view large in store. Kyi’Ra Portal members can access high res version in my Portal

I wish to update on this fascinating topic from previous transmission. First, here is the main article on it I wrote in 2008 in my Numis’OM periodical…


Maia: if you are not familiar with the info I have originally transcribed on the 12 Dweller Crystal Skulls please READ THIS first… also please read my more recent article on the 12th Crystal Skull. This will help you make better sense of what is being said below.

ThothHorRa: I reveal the symbolic and sacred name of ‘In La’kech’ (same as the future Temple to be built on NESIE) for the Living 13th Bearer of the Crystal Skull. In this instance we can see the ‘Crystal Skull’ as a Grail Cup filled with the nectar of Holy Compassion and Transfiguration. The Living Bearer will be female. She will be born into the human race but her lineage will contain very specific DNA from ALL the Grail Tribes (and thus Star Tribes) of the planet. Her purpose? To unite the Grail/Star Tribes and further, the entire human race, who all carry some factions of those tribes in their genetic code.

In La’kech’s symbol is a white dove carrying a golden bough of the acacia tree, symbolizing the Transfiguration / Ascension of the World Soul, ie all souls coming together in Spiritual Presence and Transfiguration into the New Earth Star. (ref:Wikipedia on symbolism of Acacia )

In La’kech will come to the attention of several indigenous people through their Shamans simultaneously, but she herself will not be of any one tribe or race, but a mixture of many. She will call upon many to join her in a Sacred Walk beginning in Peru and ending in Alaska. That will only be the beginning of her mission among Earth’s kind. The soul of La’kech will have had only one other incarnation on this planet – that of Shush’Al’Mundra.

In La’kech is now present in the New Earth of Numis’OM, preparing for her incarnation into your Realm. You may assist this preparation by attuning to her consciously while repeating the mantram:


As you call upon her, know that she bears the HOPE FOR THE WORLD and is the WOMAN CLOTHED WITH THE SUN within the Book of Revelations. Yet the standard interpretation of this ‘vision’ is not the true understanding.

Maia: In 1990 I had the following vision which I wrote about in Volume 01, 1990 of Temple Doors. It is somewhat dualistic in nature… perhaps I would view it differently now and see the “beast” as the unaware nature of humanity.

“As Merkrael (Archangel) opened the Membine through the emerald fire, I beheld myself as Witness to the Woman Clothed with the Sun – the Mother of the Pearl, as She first came to the Earth. I was in mid-air with Her and there were other Witnesses also, and we all hid our eyes from the mighty light which shone about Her; but we dared to look again and She was in our midst as a burnishing Tree of Life. her arms were outstretched and Her hair flowing through space.

” I looked upon Her with awe as a great sounding was heard, and from her body was issued forth a Child of transparent beauty who was so fine as to be of spun gold, and yet with a strength beyond wonder, profound in His message of Truth.

“As the Child opened his eyes to the Day so a darkness descended and the Beast laid his hand upon Him and marked his right thigh. I cried out ‘No Lord, let not this be! I will witness for Him that you shall deliver Him to Thee!’ I knew then that it must be the Child would be delivered, yet would retain the mark upon his thigh until all who witness for Him were to become a Living Testament bearing Witness to the Whole Truth.”

Maia: ThothHorRa could you please comment on this vision I experienced in 1990?

ThothHorRa: the Child is not a living being but an aspect of humanity which will be quickened – awakened through the cosmic and human being, In La’kech. It will at first attempt to be ‘claimed’ by those in worldly control, whose power comes from the ‘Beast’ – the unaware nature of darkness. Yet this will not stand and the LIGHT of higher awareness will claim it’s own.

THE IN LA’KETCH TEMPLE OF NUMIS’OM (first stage New Earth)

In Her temple the priestesses and priests morph their forms when they slip into the Sacred Psalming of Her Tone, Her Inscription of Light, Her Mantras and Her Speaking. The Being, In La’kech, carries within her the encoding or ‘Inscription of Light’ for the 144,000 Infinity Points within this galaxy. These ‘Infinity Points’ are the organizing ‘white holes‘ which are specialized to emit Intelligent Commands directed by the ‘black hole‘ of the Hunab Ku or center of the galaxy. The Infinity Point white holes operate within the condition of what scientists are currently calling ‘dark matter.’ When the dots are connected, that is a path of coherency is opened through the heart centers of 144,000 incarnated souls on our planet, so the Yushuda is activated to open like a lotus and transport the Earth to the next stage in it’s cosmic journey… what we are calling the ‘New Earth Star.’

In the In La’kech Temples of Numis’OM the priestesses and priests transform their bodies to become the ‘Psalmers’ so that they can enter ‘Her Body’ or rather the cosmic code of the New Earth Star’s In La’kech Cosmic Being, which leads to the next stage of the New Earth Star formation. Understand that the ‘Being’ I speak of here is foremost a cosmic pattern of unfolding, which is also carried in the incarnated Being of the woman, In La’kech.

When the Pleadieans came among the Mayans they presented them with this pattern as a scientific understanding, which the High Mayans incorporated into the Hunab Ku teachings to the inner-most Initiates of In La’kech. It is present in their glyphs, but unless you have the codex key that unlocks this cosmic program for you to see and understand, it is invisible to you. The codex key was passed down verbally, only once was it placed as a symbol in stone. The temple where this symbol is carved is yet to be unearthed to the modern world.

(from another transmission in 2009) 

 I saw myself before Mt. Kailash in Tibet, the pristine whiteness and grey stone sides of  her majesty rose like a Goddess of the High Heavens before me.

It is here, where four sacred rivers are born that eventually come back together to create the Great Mother Ganga (Ganges). It is in this Mountain, according to ThothHorRa, that an inner-planes retreat – the Gurideva Enclave, has recently been installed to open to the Presence and energies of the 13th Living Crystal Skull – In La’kech and the 12 Crystal Dweller Skulls.

In this state it was revealed to me that the 11 LOTUS Crystal Skulls in the Blue Star Valley of Tibet, having been joined with the 12th Crystal Skull, were now changing location of their holographic project and being focused as the medial point into the Gurideva Enclave of Mt. Kailash. It is here that the configuration of the 12-13 Crystal Dweller Crystal Skull geometry is now formed.

Since Mt. Kailash holds the anchor point for the planet for the SHAMBALLAH GATE of Numis’OM, the actual, physical 12 Dweller Skulls located around are now directly flowing their Light encoding up through the Lotus Stem – the main (but not only) path connecting this world to Numis’OM. and through the Shamballah Gate into Numis’OM. As this is occurring, an acceleration of their Light encodings are coming back down the “stem” as well and circulating a new and powerful New Earth frequency throughout the planet.

Meridians of this strengthening Crystal Skull grid – which ThothHorRa is calling the In La’kech grid – are beginning to be formed reaching out to key points upon the Earth. ThothHorRa is referring to this grid as ‘Her’ (the In La’kech being/geometry/star configuration) Body. this ‘Body’ can also be seen interposed within the human body, as it connects to our energy body meridians, forming the first stages of the Pure Gem. The nodes or ‘end points’ of the planetary meridians forming the In La’kech Grid as thus far revealed to me (the central node being Mt. Kailash) are as follows:

1) A place in the Yucatan, were an ancient Mayan city remains hidden in the jungle growth.

2) A point near Lake Titicaca in Peru.

3) A mountain of the Sangre de Cristo range (actually one of the retreats of ThothHorRa) near Crestone, Colorado.

4) A three-prong (thus 3 facet node) in the Hawaiian Island: the Mauna Loa volcano of the Big Island of Hawai’i, Haleakala Crater on Mau’i, and Mt. Wai’ale’ale on Kaua’i (the latter is the remnant of a volcano that existed in Mu or Lemuria).

I was then transported into the past and to the location of the ‘hidden city’ in the Yucatan, Hu’Habat. There I embodied the female Mayan oracle Temple Doors, who led the People into North America when the ‘Bad Times of Sacrifice’ began, and her Kind were usurped by the bloodthirsty Chimu Kaba.

It was the story of Temple Doors (parts of which have been written about by the current Mayans as part of their history / myth) that inspired me (Maia) to name my former periodical ‘Temple Doors.’ I believe that I was incarnated as this woman… but of course I cannot know that for certain; yet I have felt for many years that she lives inside me. As ‘Starheart’ I slipped into the passage of  Temple Doors and saw her in me and me in her.

I then ‘knew’ that I, Temple Doors, had under gone years of spiritual preparation by my inner-planes mentor – the one I now as Maia, call ‘ThothHorRa’ – who was in the past Quezecoatl / Kukuklan. He appeared to Temple Doors as Kukuklan, who was by that time already historical legend among the People. This preparation was to receive the ‘mark’ or Presence of In La’kech, the 13th Living Crystal Skull. Temple Doors was not the first to received this ‘mark’ – the Abhu, or ‘Touch.’ She came from generations of Guardians of the 12 Crystal Skulls (already spread out among many locations of the Earth). Now she would receive the Touch of In La’kech.


Now, in 2014 I take up this subject with Thoth once again.

 ThothHorRa: SHE (In La’Ketch – the 13th Living Crystal Skull) is now moving through her emmisaries in the Old Earth (persent-day Earth realm) to establish her City among the Children of the Sun. This is the City of Light…the Bright Place of Pure Thought wherein all True Presence is realized as a WAVE of LIGHT moving through the DNA and all matter of the Earth. You might say that this Being – In La’Ketch – is the “Earth Whisperer.” She leans toward the planet as “Old Earth” and whispers the psalms of desire into the breasts of the Children, so that they may more surely and keenly seek the Shamballah (Shambahalla) Gate within, leading to the Threshold of the New Earth.

There are 13 Rayships of her CROWN. Each “Rayship” is penetrating the auric field of 13 women in the Old Earth, who are also now dwelling in the New Earth and participating in HER Temple there (a total then, of 169 women). These females are not master beings. They are certainly in the frequency of enlightenment to the degree that they are present with this Rayship. They are assisted by still other women, close to the Rayship of In La’Ketch. In years to come, more women will come into the Rayship of the 13. As for those incarnated as males at this time, there are those who also serve the In’Laketch Living One, and attune to her Rayships through her hosts (the 169).

The 169 and their female / male assistors are also keenly attuned to the Sacred An, for the Living One uses the AN as Her Mouthpiece – her instrument of channeling her Psalming into the 4th, 5th and 6th Suns (Worlds).

Now the time is upon you (of Earth) that some shall begin to dwell within the 5th Sun, while the rest of the World still struggles to fully become within the 4th. As I have stated previously, the 6th Sun will be as a flash of lightning, to open quickly into the 7th Sun of the New Earth.

What is most important for those reading these words to understand now, in this time is…

Everyone who reads this…who feels the call in the Heart of Oneness to respond. Know that your call is being heard…and your way shall be placed on the path. SHE shall raise a shrine within you to the Rayship of the Living One. This will not be a shrine of worship to a being or thing, but of a dedication to the PURE PRESENCE OF DIVINE WITHIN, which IS your Temple of In La’ketch….I AM ANOTHER YOU. So you shall become the Living One in the Essence of shared desire and purpose!

Kyi’Ra Portal Members can access “The Crystal Bearer” HERE

Major info on Dweller Crystal Skulls HERE





4 thoughts on “The 13th Living Crystal Skull

  1. I told you of my vision of being guided to the Temple of the Crystal Skulls on Nesi {Second Life} last week to meditate. Even though we no longer have this place in SL it must still be carrying a strong vibration within us. Now I understand the vision so much better. Thank you Dear Sistar for all that you do…xoxooxox


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