Rose Mystic and the Magdalene Starseeds Revisited


My Dear SiStar Lynn McCallum (Celest’Ra) is now in Glastonbury and did some powerful work last night with the Full Moon. My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa whispered into my ear last night (so to speak) to call attention back to the Magdalene Starseeds, and the process done at the Tor in March of 2013 with the initial infusion of the “starseeds” into the planet.

Thoth is telling me that this Full Moon we just passed through was a trigger for an increased “germination” of these starseeds. Now is the time to speak to the Seedlings of the Magdalene within (whether you be male or female in embodiment), and draw forth the tender shoots into the starlight. He has given me a mantra to share with you, if you wish to use it in this process: AU’ATA’AHUUM.

He then requested that I drawn a Rune “at random” from my pouch of wooden runes I received when I was in Glastonbury in 1998. The Rune that came into my hand was INGUZ the Rune of FERTILITY!

From my short book, RUNEWEAVING ( I wrote in the 1980’s not yet transfered to electronic medium for store) I have each Rune divided into three parts: THE LAW, THE SPIRIT and THE RIDDLE.

THE LAW of Inguz:

“From the terraces of the Living Light this Rune is given. It is written in the starry wonder that we may be emancipated from the gravity of our lives in some way…some working of the Divine, on a day un-numbered yet awaiting us as a future promise. Our persuit of each other as companions of the Path is a yearning deep within us. It is our Swan Song, lamenting the absence of Oneness.

“Like the swan, we must await for our process to mature, at which moment we will be received in new birth. Not immediate is this change, and deliberate and complete. The Law of Inguz whispers to the Initiate’s spirit that the beauty of the full grown swan is awaiting within him/her. It is for that seeker to progress within the mold of this insight until his/her form fits the image of his/her true beauty. When the initiate is received in his/her true raiment, so he/she is coupled with the bride/groom of eternity.”


“As the chalice of the Moon Goddess spills upon still waters, I long to drink from it’s sweetness. The mist, perfumed in honey scent, cress and paling lily, awakens my long-sleeping heart. I am supine and fluid as the liquid light. I am no more the child of consequence, but feel myself grow and bend, winnowing out the marrow of my struggle with pinions of snow. Grace becomes my master and I lift from grassy nest to journey in rose-gathered places and sapphire lakes, where I am an expression of the First Sunrise.”


“Masked is the beauty of those who morn for what they cannot see. Adorned in beauty is the one who knows that what will be will be.”

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Rose Mystica and the Magdalene Starseeds video


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