Gobi Desert Revelations


Two articles in messagetoeagle.com recently came to my attention: 

What Caused The Unexplained Change In Europeans’ DNA 4000-5000 Years Ago? and

Mysterious Gobi Sea And A Huge Land Inhabited By The Real Sons Of God.

My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa has spoken to me about the Gobi Desert in the past…about a Celestial Race inhabiting a then lush land. Also, he told me of a “seeding” before that time. An intentional seeding orb smashing into the Gobi when it was not populated, which caused it to become charged with a current of energy, something like a dome of Light. In that “dome” so a unique environment was engendered in preparation for the Celestial Race. The atmosphere within the invisible dome was breathable h20, but the electromagnetic charge was much higher in frequency. After several hundred years the dome integrated with the atmosphere of Earth at that time, slowly stabilizing the inhabitants with to the Earth’s EM field.

These “Celestials” Thoth calls the Telokl’an.  They originally came from the worlds of Rigel in Orion, The Pleiades and Sirius. Thus they combined genetically to create the Telokl’an.  The purpose of this Celestial Race was to re-seed the genetics of the Earth to bring it back on track, after the massive genetic manipulation have been done to humans some time previously in Earth’s history. This infusion was profound and noticeable in time.

The one main “City” of the Telokl’an was Ghubara, in the center of the Great Lake. The building were made of a special glass, finely spun…that vibrated with a slight and pleasing hum which could be felt more than heard. It helped to maintain the frequency of the Celestials in their new environment, once the sky dome integrated with the outside world.

In reference to the messagetoeagle articles above, the 4000-5000 time period was when the genetic infusion from the Telokl’an took place. Understand that there were many volunteers. No human was dragged from their beds at night. The population that sought to integrate genetics with were more than eager to do so. Not all peoples of the Earth at that time, but many in certain genetic groupings….were suffering with ill health and physical abnormalities due to the tampering of several thousand years previous. A book could be written about this…but I doubt I will be the one to write it. Too much for me at this stage of my life.

In our current world, there is a new less conspicuous genetic correction being given to us, through the creation of what Thoth calls the Children of Abrahim.


from web ( according to Thoth, the piping was part of the creation of the dome and the atmosphere within it.)

An iron pyramid 60 metres high has been found on the banks of a salt water lake in the Qinghai Province in China. In front of the pyramid are three caves wive perfectly symmetrical triangular entrances. The cave in the middle is the largest. Inside on the ground of all three caves pipes were found. In the largest cave a 40 cm piece of pipe was found spliced in half. Another pipe that is red & brown in colour is embedded in the frozen floor of the middle cave. Outside the caves lay many remains of many pipes amongst strange shaped stones. Some pipes lead into the lake. This iron pyramid is sited at the foot of the Baigong Shan Mountain in a remote corner of Qinghai Province, 40 km from the nearest large urban areas. The Xinhua News Agency has furiously speculated this structure is the remains of a launch pad rumoured to be between 30,000 & 200,000 BCE. Qin Jianwen, leader of the Delingha Government Publicity Department says the environment is very harsh on Baigong Sh!an Mountain, so nobody lives there. Ye Zhou from the Lanzhou Morning News witnessed the structure & felt the area by the lake to be very,very creepy. The pipes have been tested after retrieval from the shoreline and found to contain 30% Ferric Oxide,31% Silicon Dioxide, 31% Calcium Oxide & 8% of a chemical compound labeled as totally ‘unidentifiable’. Engineer Liu Shaolin from the Xitieshan Smelting Plant carried out the chemical analysis. Liu Shaolin found the pipes to be 5000 years old. The Delingha GPD is billing the iron pyramid an ‘ET relic’ & has put up road signs to that effect.



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