The Rega Passage

Alleged leaked NASA photo - possibly fake, but does give an energetically valid image of the electromagnetic hyper openings at the poles.
Alleged leaked NASA photo – possibly fake, but does give an energetically valid image of the electromagnetic hyper openings at the poles.

The following was taken from an article Source issue 3 – 1980 from my archived periodicals, all of which soon will only be available to Kyi’Ra Portal members. It is discussing Earth dynamics in relationship to Inner Earth (Hollow Earth).


One of the major sciences of the Central Earth Races is that of “lumni-optics,” the science of
interactive light waves in space/time/ether. The main force of this study is upon the dimensional
capability created when interacting light waves act as independent variables, altering existing
time frames and ether states. To the surface bound, lumni-optics would be a complex and
difficult science to comprehend, and so we will dispense with the full scale explanation here and
concentrate on one aspect of lumni-optics which is germane to the Interior Earth and essential as
well to the holistic properties of the entire planet. The Atoma, or central sun of earth, is like the
heart of the planet. It contracts and expands in a pulsing action, sending energy waves through
the space of the central cavity and out into the many arteries in the stone – the caverns, natural
tunnels and “pores” of the planet. Within the Atoma, there are four polarity chambers. They are
composed of atoms which contain “inverted nucleus, caused by the incomplete chain reaction of
hydrogen changing into helium (see Source 1-80, on black hole effect). To get a mental image
of this, picture a living, human heart inside a sphere. The heart is composed of what we will call
here “hyper-atoms,” atoms with inverted nucleus. The rest of the sphere is composed of non-hyper
atoms, or atoms with normal nucleus. Within the heart see the four main heart chambers,
the right and left auricles and the right and left ventricles. This then, is the scenario for
examination of the heart center of the Atoma, the “regula aspa.” The two chambers on the right
side of the human heart are in harmony with the positively polarized side of the regula aspa. The
left side of the human heart is synchronous with the negatively charged hyper-atoms of the
Atoma heart’s two chambers on the side opposite to their positively charged counterpart

Now shift your gaze to the Solar Sun, giver of germination and warmth to our surface domain.
This radiant orb is the “Atana.” Star suns contain a center of pulsing reflexes or atomas as well,
but they differ in structure from the heart of earth Atoma (which are usually found in planetary
spheres). Our sun has an atoma which is in a less advanced spiritual “fire” than some of the
hierarchical stars, as Orion or the Pleiades. These stages of advancement cannot be detected

with physical scientific acquisition of data. It is accessible in terms beyond our known
determination of universal laws. The atom seed (Atoma) of the solar sun interacts with the
earth’s atoma through the medium of light waves, which is the optic evidence of magnetic and
other advanced energy waves. As discussed in Source #1-80, the natural polar openings of earth
are not obvious to surface dwelling consciousness or optical spectrum, unless an individual were
to enter a window, or more closely defined, an angle synchronous to the spectral-polar magnetic
lenses capping the windows Southern and Northern Doors (polar openings). Once something
enters through these windows, it must suddenly adjust to a different etheric field, one of much
higher frequency than the surface ecosphere’s etheric matrix engenders. Some human beings
would be capable of surviving this (as well as the change in atmospheric density, higher level of
oxygen purity, etc.) although it would register as a shock to his sensory and nervous system. A
beam of light from the sun, however, would go through quite a different experience than a living
entity. As light travels from our sun toward the earth, it locates the polar field’s intensity of
etheric current through a collective mind or spontaneous quanta directive. The light waves
become excited by intense streams of etheric “motion” and flare into “novas” or sudden bursts of
intelligent harmony. This is evidenced to scientists in the puzzling particle versus wave effect of
light. The particle effect is a result of discrete units of “thinking” waves, not on the level which
we reason, but nevertheless a cognate response to the ether stream. Ether streams are created by
intense concentrations of dimensional pull, opposite attraction, or several other functioning
modes of existence through which ether accepts energy and advances that energy. Ether, very
simply defined, is a module for dimensional receptivity of space and time. Ether states give the
command to form, to expand, to reduce. The ether is commanded by the universal laws of the
Harmonies… discussions and definitions along this line could go on indefinitely, so let us return
to the perimeters of this issue’s context.

The various programs of the ether computer or command pulse are defined as x-grams. Each
x-gram supplies a line or continuity band for a specific entity of function. These lock together to
produce the whole working body of image-form-function-replication-assimilation-absorption
back into the etheric computer to be reprocessed. Thus, as the light beam traveling from the
solar sun toward the earth attaches its directive code to the earth stream of the earth’s solar
vortex, the incoming light beams migrate their etheric quality toward the polar doors of the
planet. As the light beam approaches the polar door, say the northern apex, it has become
“special” in that its etheric x-grams are active at the amplitude of the energy package’s quality.
This energy package is the light waves as well as the magnetic properties and other refined
energy types of the whole energy beam. When the energy beam enters through the Northern
apex (and this it can do easily as its x-grams have adapted its function for harmonious reception
by the spectral-polar lenses) it enters the Rega Passage, a funnel of sensitive particles, so high in
etheric bonding as to be almost inter-dimensional. This passage leads straight to the Atoma and
into the regula apsa.


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For a better understanding of the Inner Earth domain.


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2 thoughts on “The Rega Passage

  1. Talk of sincronicity! It was just yesterday that I was going through all my “Source” files in a quick reading and getting admired again by the cuantity and cuality of your akashic data and how it seems to get each day more validated by the new approach of science, with theories like Nassim Haramein’s. Even knowing that YOU don’t go on an ego trip, you must feel reinforced by it all, and just because of it I’m happy for you once more. ANU KA, SiStar!


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