The Great Year

Below is an enlightening film exploring the Yugas or Great Years from a scientific perspective. It brings forth the possibility that our sun is binary, which would explain much about the cyclic path of the Earth. I had never heard this theory before, nor unlike a lot of “new” science I come across these days, has my inner-planes mentor ever mentioned it in all my years of working with him. So I took this to ThothHorRa.

Maia: Thoth, is it true that our sun orbits another star every 24,000 years?

Thoth: Yes the secondary “star” is a dark star – that is not visible in the light spectrum. It is actually an inverse energy field to your solar sun, created out of that sun in the distant past.

Maia: Thoth then refers me to a past transmission in an article I wrote a few years ago. I quote from this here:

 When we say that a star is being “birthed” from another star…

 This not something understood by scientists of your world. They can view the results of this occurrence when the light of it’s happening reaches their telescopes…dimly. But they do not understand what they are seeing. The star giving birth does not rip open and spill out another star. Instead, the Mother Star changes the spin of its magneto-field and out of that long strands (light years in length) of “dark matter” (invisible) particles come spiraling out. These stands then are drawn together in the birthing field the Mother has created and will eventually form another star which will contain an encoding that links it to it’s Mother.

 The Child Star then, is a new dimensional “place” for the intelligence of the Mother Star. Yet it has it’s own signature as well. It is in this way that every star…every one in the universe is related in a complex Family Tree through branching “signatures of light.” – excerpted from ANBA’NOOR ~ House of the Crystal Star

Maia: Other than obvious orbit factors in what other way may this secondary “dark star” effect the cycles of human enlightenment and darkness?

 Thoth: As the Mayan In Lak’ech – “I AM another you” – so it is with the dark star of a bright sun. It brings the mirror of the soul to each planet through it’s Solar Field. thus, these enlightenment cycles are perpetuated. However, when the Earth “ascends” from a World System I to a World System II and is returned to its true home within the Star-Sun Rigel, an advancement of “enlightenment” will come forth as a continual stream, without the intermittent retrograde dark phases. (again Thoth refers me here to ANBA’NOOR ~ House of the Crystal Star)

The post-video Question & Answer with the authors-producers of The Great Year video – CLICK HERE to view.


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6 thoughts on “The Great Year

  1. Dear Maia, I´m one of your Argentina subscriber. I´m stayin at my dougther House in New York ( at Fontanella´s – Purdys- Westchester) for two moth. September went by already, but now I have time to read my mails and be in contact with you again. I´m 10 years (or more) student at Dr Hurtak Keys of Enoc Academy and I hope continue reciebing your extraordinary new teachings. Only I have one problem: I have had to be ready to departure in one week!!, and I forgot my booklet with all passwords. I brought my computer…, but I forgot the principal thing to continue studing wirh you. I really hope that you will undertand and feel my nead of all your articles. Sincerelly: Inés. P.D: I retourn to my country, on Nobember1°.

    El Viernes, 3 de octubre, 2014 14:26:37, The Crystalline Matrix escribió: Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid posted: ” Below is an enlightening film exploring the Yugas or Great Years from a scientific perspective. It brings forth the possibility that our sun is binary, which would explain much about the cyclic path of the Earth. I had never heard this theory before, no”


  2. The Sun and the Dark Star both move around in an elips (2-dimensional) and as a cilinder (3-dimensional) around each other. That can be translated into the ‘ascending’-‘descending’ circle (the first picture of this page) as Silver when they are closest and furthest from one another in orbit, and Gold (left or right path) or Bronze+Iron (left or right path) as they are standing ‘diagonal’ from one another.


  3. Extra info to my former post:
    A entire circle (elips) takes about 24.000 years (I can’t prove that but to me there is enough evidence now). At about 42:30 minutes in the video an important statement comes up. “The solarsystem could be curving”. I believe – (actually I know it for sure but also can’t prove it, It has simply been ‘shown’ to me, in mystical terms: it’s related with ‘the colors of the stick’ or to the circles made by the entity called “Mother and Father together as one”) – that the solarsystem is indeed curving. A entire circle of that curve probably takes millions of years. Personally I think that entire circle was ended and started again at the point the dinosaurs got extinct. Where we are now in that circle I don’t know (maybe we are close by the ending and a new beginning of that circle and is that the Great Year we are waiting for.) But what I do know is that the curving solarsystem is not even the ‘widest’ circular motion. Because that circle is part of a rotating Ball-like movement which probably started at the time when earth’s first living organisms were created (to me known as “the alignment” or “placement in the right order” of the “colored sticks”). That rotating ball moves in straight lines (up, down, diagonal = The Pyramid) and at it’s bounderies you can find the PATH. Within the PATH everything only moves up or down, no visible circular motion can be seen anymore, the ‘circlar motion’ becomes so large now that we would have to look from beyond our Universe inward to see what direction the movement goes. That PATH probably can be compared with The Big Bang – the beginning of Time (at least in this Universe) because that PATH (Big-Bang is “Ultimate Year 0”) might look like a straight line when you are on the inside but if you look far from the outside in you might see that it’s only 1 line from a large…. Cube?….


  4. Today I discoverd that every Zodiac sign takes 2.000 years. There are 12 Zodiac sign so 12 X 2.000 = 24.000 Years.

    Now if you know that it’s easy to see that The Golden Age lasts 10.000 years, The Silver Ages last 4.000 years each, The Bronze Ages 2.000 years each and the Iron Age 2.000 years.


  5. I think the 4 rings are also turning.
    They might be turning as follow:

    1) The first, smallest, ring (iron or metal ring or maybe platinum..) turns around completely within a timeperiod roughly from the time the dinosaurs got extinct to the time the first humans appeared (consious life started with people, relative not so long ago).

    2) The second ring (golden ring) turns around comletely within a timeperiod roughly from the time the first living creatures appeared (micro-organisms in the seas) to the time the first dinosaurs appeared (first (small) life started and slowly evolved into huge creatures (but they still didn’t have a consious mind).

    3) The third ring (silver ring) turns around completely within a timeperiod roughly from the time the earth was formed to the time first life appeared. (during that time-period The Elements and the first Minerals (rocks, ores, gems, etc.) were created)

    4) The ‘colored’ ring turns around completely within a timeperiod from the start of the Universe (Big Bang) until the earth was created (the first colors appeared in the form of ‘light’ and materialized)

    One day science might be able to prove this as they discover the time-period for the curving motion of our solarsystem (see my earlier post).


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