The Blue Manna

Arc of Metatron 777

Blue Manna mandala - click image to see large Blue Manna mandala by Maia – click image to see large

During our Lotus of Compassion gathering in the New Earth Sanctuary this Sunday, I was presented by my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, with what he called the “Blue Manna.” It is a process of connecting to the Wholeness of your holographic nature at a DNA/cellular level.

As most of you reading this by now know, scientist are coming to accept the evidence they are finding, that all the universe is a holographic projection. What the source of this hologram is, they can only conjecture. ThothHorRa shows me that it comes from a multi-dimensional transference of light codes at the center of what we could call metaphorically, the Heart of God – that Nadi Point within each living thing which is the Jewel in the Lotus of All that IS. In fact, scientist have even just discover this “jewel”.

To quote:

Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric…

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