Olrig House, Scotland: Amazing “Grail” Estate

Olrig Estate
Olrig Estate view more images & info on Olirg House website

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My friend in Holland currently has this old Sinclair (Grail Family) estate up for sale. I asked my colleague and friend of many years – “Grid Master” William Buehler to look at how it may fit into the Earth grids he works with…and wow! Below is his treatise on it.
Clan Sinclair: probable interest… on a ley with Girnigoe Castle to vital poles in the Aegean area.
Grid work-up: Wm Buehler:  using “Ascension” dynamics; Crop Formation grids included.
Subject: A fine home but also a remarkable opportunity for a major spiritual Center: a “Grail Castle.” This note elaborates on the spiritual dynamics in its grid positioning.  This is advance notice of an important opportunity for establishing a possible vital site for ASCENSION Light-work, Worldwide scope.
Olrig House…
This home is in northern Scotland and is now for sale. As of 2014 it has become a very important grid point in the Planetary Ascension Grid systems (commentary below). This impressive and beautifully kept estate is being placed on the market for sale by the current owner. She would like to see it go back to a Sinclair – the original family who owned it, as it remains very much a “Grail Castle” in the true definition. If not to a Sinclair, than to someone or a group who are conscious of it’s Grail history and would nourish the living flame within it.  Certain phenomena is experienced by the owner and visitors to the house – none of it negative. Aside from some apparent guardian entities, there are large spheres of light (seen by a number of people) and other manifestations which indicate the property’s prominence within a powerful Earth grid.
GRID DESCRIPTION AND SIGNIFICANCE:  First: in reviewing the overall Grid formats: we have a most remarkable note to remember: the main ley line links the SINCLAIR  Girnigoe Castle site in Sinclair’s Bay with the Olrig matrix and new Rose Line north-pole.  This is a strong indication that Clan Sinclair probably knew of this Ley before building or buying the Olrig matrix energy area…. also that the main Rose Line northern origin point has possibly always been in the Sea area but “grounds” in the St. Peter and Holy Rood Episcopal Church site.
GENERAL GRID OVERVIEW:  The Olrig site is the pivotal pole and a very “hot” grid matrix relative to the updated “Ascension” Planetary systems and also the coherent grids formed by each years’ Crop Formations.  The Ley line shown in the photo (300deg T) is made by the 2014 Crop Formations.  It is the base line for a RESHEL GRID that is the primary reference “Teleplane: for the many sub-systems (all of great importance) seen in the attached “Crop Formations 2014” .kmz Google Earth file.  The base line has its RESH pole in the Lund, Sweden Formation which is a “Flower of Life” format.  This critical geometry is determined by the Czechoslovakia Formation on the ley line. This base-Line from Thurso to the Aegean area is over 1600 miles long. Considering the present timing of Ascension related programs and also its position, the availability of this land and buildings matrix would seem to indicate notable divine interaction.
The Planet  forms a large brain where Europe is the right forebrain. When the Ley is extended it links with the Planetary “Shambala Gate chakra” over the Aegean Sea “Ajna” or “Brow” chakra.  These feed through the Planetary “brain” to Hawaii which is in the “head’s” Alta Major chakra at the occipital area at the top of the spine.  This Hawaiian “Roil/Royale” bipolar chakra sorts out the streaming from the Ajna (brow) and the Metatronic-Stream through the “Shambala Gate” chakra, then the Hawaiian “Royale, Roil” polar system sends the processed information into the total Planetary and Racial Mind/Soul.  (This works in the same way that a normal human system functions.)
 This Olrig matrix is already now very powerful but it will progressively become more so very rapidly as the Planetary Ascension Programs continue to expand and intensify.  The Crop Formations every year progressively expand a coherent, growing Ascension system and program base..  The system can not be used for improper purposes relative to Ascension programs however it will becoming more powerful in a Worldwide frame of reference, applying to any programs headquartered here that benefit the Planet and Race.
SPECIFIC GRID WORK: This commentary includes the use of spiritual dynamics probably known before by Knights Templar Masters in Clan Sinclair.
1. When the present basic RESHEL GRID is rotated CCW 90 degrees the Olrig House is then in the grid’s “Ra Star” point over the capstone of the Great Pyramid found in the basic Reshel system.  This is an EXTREMELY powerful pole, still linking into the highly advanced Metatronic “Shambala Gate” chakra north of the Aegean Sea “Ajna/Brow” chakra.
http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ReshelMeasurements02.pdf  Half of the RESHEL format; lists built-in sub-systems and shows Ra Star point (also used in Crop Formations).  
2. A new system is created: a GOLDEN-RATIO RHOMBIC TIME GATE/PILLAR: The home is only 4.1 miles east of the Rose Line which is the primary grid axis for most of the many European Reshel grids… all supporting the GODDESS in Europe’s basic “7” (Sheba) state of being and energetic field. There are TWO main leys that connect a mile north of Thurso, at sea.  They are
(1) the ROSE LINE previously anchored into the ST PETER AND HOLY ROOD EPISCOPAL CHURCH in Thurso, and…
(2) the Reshel base line extended to intersect the extended Rose Line about 1.37 miles north of the Church, in the harbor.  This NEW NORTH-GATE, ORIGIN-POLE for the Rose Line has an important benefit in that the several forms of SEA BEINGS or “Mer People” (for short), can directly access the intersection point  in their grid work coordinated with ours.
The Olrig matrix and New Rose Line origin point form a golden-ratio triangular (basic Reshel rhombus) Time Gate with the Rose Line and Ley Line.  This key grid system organizes and manages an increased capability for synergically powering-up both the Rose Line and the European Crop Formation systems being added to every year.  The NORTH GATE for all temples across Time apparently opens the highest spiritual streaming combined with powerful Star Programs into the Planetary North Pole, thence to Temples in the Planet. The Eastern Pole links with Solar codes.
IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: The “rood” or “rod” is a measurement point, found in the Scot Gaelic … the “Rood Screen” in a church separates the nave and chancel… but is also a description of a ROAD or SHORE-LINE. In effect it correlates with the SERPENT or SHAMIR in the EDEN and Tree Of Life scenario This is important in the HENRY SINCLAIR (circa 1390 CE) understood the Shamir, the ROSE LINE and that the ROSSLYN grid system in Edinburgh fed the Rose Line. He designed his ARMS to show the Shamir creating the Rose Line at Thurso (it runs south to San Sebastian in Spain), and crowned (as the “Serpent Hole”) by the large Edinburgh/Rosslyn grid.
 http://shamiir-orion.org/media/f/87_HenrySinclairArms01.pdf  This is the Arms of HENRY SINCLAIR, who also captained the 1398 CE mission to North America, linking the Nova Scotia “Oak Island: Mazur Chief Chamber“, the “Holy Isle of Ruta”, etc. with the Ascension systems across Time.  This is built-into the Reshel dynamics. (Although the 1398 Voyage is historic, the associated info is from spiritual source.) 
POSSIBLE PARHELION GRID:  The strongest single grid system supporting ROSSLYN CHAPEL is the ancient Parhelion grid marked by the Borthwick Chapel “corner-stone”… its apex then found to have ancient spiral carvings in the stones there. It is possible that there is one with the Olrig point, the southern line being the main ley line connecting Girnigoe Castle and the northern “sun-dog” linking Bergen in Norway.  The angles of offset would have to be about 27-29 degrees rather than the usual 22 degrees.  This is possible but not usual however the powerful system would be well worth having installed. 
http://www.atoptics.co.uk/halo/circ1.htm  Shows variable parhelion angles possible beyond 22 degrees.
http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/BorthwickStonePointer01.pdf  important Parhelion grid example at Rosslyn. (Corner Stone at Borthwick Chapel.) 
ORGANIZATION OF THE LOCAL GROUNDS: For an energy site of this magnitude and apparent history we can expect to find Temple dynamics in the organization of buildings, walks, ponds, groves. However without detailed drawings and boundary markings we can’t identify the small-area grids. The land-area, especially groves of trees will be as important as the buildings… as with Rosslyn Chapel and the Glen’s ancient key Parhelion grid stretching for many miles over the eastern countryside.
William Buehler
Crestone, Colorado, USA

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