The EYES have it!


art collage by Maia art collage by Maia

In our recent gathering within the Crystal Skull Chamber above New Earth Star Sanctuary, my friend Monica saw the Dweller Crystal Skulls containing gemstone eyes! When she told us all this, I was immediately informed by my inner plants mentor, ThothHorRa, that the eyes would indeed return to the Dweller Crystal Skulls in the future. I had never heard this before. It both startled and thrilled me…opening the scroll in the Akashic for me to see this, and understand it more fully.

I have since been shown by Thoth how the 72 Dwellers will form within the PYRAMIDIS RADIUS Matrix  (PMR) – each in a specific location. They will then bi-locate to one large holo-pyramid, where they will manifest Pure Gem eyes! Now what does this really mean, other than a really great  holographic screenshot (lol).

It is a way to send and receive GEMatric Light codes…

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