The White Queen: Becoming the Dweller


Maia and the The White Queen Maia and The White Queen

Now that the Host Crystal Skull (White Queen) is on Kaua’i and in her “nest” within my home, The Dweller she represents, whom I call Paloma – residing in Mount Wai’ale’ale – has truly imprinted within her. When I touched the skull at the Ceremony it felt wonderful, but now…now…the power is even stronger! The two (Dweller-Host) are truly one now.

So what is next with this super combo? I only have scents on the breeze, as I near the cauldron of Thoth’s labyrinth – and his Twin Flame, who is the soul imprint within the Dweller Skull “Paloma.” I am told to simply take it one step at a time.

I do know that the Dwellers are “coming out” to be seen and heard in the world now….mostly through their Dwellers, Seeds, and a new category Thoth has introduced to me: The “Walkers.”


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