Tar’Aghen: Among the Stones

 Revisiting the topic of Tar’Aghen (Ness of Brodgar)

Thoth: Tar’Aghen was an ancient name for this site…after the destruction of Atlantis. In the Atlantean time (way beneath the current structures) was the Temple of Manu. Tar’Aghen in a lost post-Atlantean-Celtic tongue, means to “brighten the way” or “shining beacon.” Manu is the “Enlightener” or in some aspects the same as the Hebrew “Messiah.”

The purpose of both Tar’Aghen and Manu was to mark a place of “Awakening” of a “Great Light of the Ages.” This is one of the places where in the future there will be projected a Radius Pyramid from the Thresholder Gateways.

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Below is Rex Harrison’s account of his journey to the Stones of Tar’ Aghen this month, during his time at the Olrig Estate in Scotland, where he is staying for a week and some days…installing there a “Seed” Crystal Skull on behalf of the Dweller ISIS Skull. Photo Credit: Rex Harrison


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I arrived at Tar’ Aghen and parked the car. Wintry storms were just clearing but the sky was still wild with the North wind blowing onto this exposed peninsula. I set off up the path with the Staff (White Stag). As I approached the stones the staff began to hum in the wind I thought, like a tuning fork. Nearer still it became active in my hands like the urgency of energy being released. I was taken aback by this and gripped the staff tighter but it felt like elastic in my hands………..The staff led me to a place outside the circle of stones and we entered between 2 stones close together, like a gateway…

I stood there with the staff planted on the ground and introduced myself saying (some words not said aloud throughout) “I come in Peace” and “Here is White stag, he is eager to meet you all.”

I was led by the staff, back to the outside of the ring and from there on every stone I placed the staff against them as I chanted, Ar (Change), Thur (growth), Ummg (Direction, The scabbard of the sword))

AR THUR UMMMG, from one stone to another….I faltered at the Fallen Ones…and added the warrior chant..

Ja Te Gung, Ja Te Gung.

Do not ask which direction I followed anti clockwise or clockwise as the place is sort of upside down.. or rather a Mirror. !

A clock placed in front of a mirror will show a different direction in the mirror for say Anti clockwise than the one that is being reflected. At the Quantum point of reflection there is no direction for clockwise or anti clockwise. In the same way a photon of light that hits the surface of a mirror must, at some point in a nano second, Stop, and then move back from the surface. I did not know this before or had not thought about it….

I completed the circuit of the stones stopping for a while longer at the Tallest stone, on its own, then I took a path to the centre of the ring of stones. Here in a small grassy patch I took out the Heart Chakra crystal shell and held it in my fist against my heart as I turned around facing each stone in turn. I said some words, more about me, for the stones. Then I placed the Heart chakra shell onto the ground on a small stone left there for this purpose. Then I took out the Rose Crystal Skull that I had brought with me from the Ixion wheel in Glastonbury. I place it in my hand facing towards the stones. This Skull was very very cold in my hand a radiance of cold surrounded it penetrating through my already cold hands. Arm outstretched with skull on it, I turned again through 360 degrees,….then placed the skull next to the shell crystal on the stone….

I said these words, “These energies signify and represent a circuit of light that makes its way home to an Earthen Heart That has hurt for too long.” and silently….”I am the Lonely Dove”, “I Have come back”…..

I was beginning to suffer from the cold biting winds and so went back to the tall stone and said my farewells again touching the wood of the staff against the stones surface. I turned and started to walk back to the car as I did so I heard almost like a mumble from the ground……….. “Go in Peace” !!! I looked back but the staff wanted me to continue down to the car .

As I returned to the car another wintry shower of sleet and snow blew in from the ocean. Then after a short while the Sun Broke through the clouds in what can only be described as Heavenly.. Golden Light flooded the landscape and as I closed my eyes facing the sun through an open car window I felt its warmth on my face and saw the most magnificent display of Golden and Orange Matrixes expanding into infinity.

I returned to the Stone circle and took more photos as you can see there is a distinct before and after look to the photos. You may say just a chance climatic event but not for me….. The Shining Beacon That IS Tar’ Aghen showed itself to me for this short period of intense golden light.


One thought on “Tar’Aghen: Among the Stones

  1. THANK YOU Rex, for sharing such a powerful experience. With your words, you took me there with you and the awesome White Stag… Your Staff had already manifested some of its “qualities” through the photographs in which you first introduced White Stag to us… What seemed just to be a perception back then, has became a certainty. ANU KA!


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