The Olrig Estate – Mystery and Magic

Olrig House
Olrig House

The Olrig Estate in Scotland is currently owned by my Dutch friend, Michele Dinger. It is on the market for sale. The house is several hundred years old, having been built by a member of the Sinclair “Grail” Family. It nests on major grid lines and figures into a greater “Reshel” gridometry which William Buehler and to some extent myself, have been unraveling now for about 30 years now…well, since around 1985, but I can’t count that high lol.

You can read about it more in my previous posting about the Olrig Estate.

My good friend Rex Harrison, who lives in Glastonbury was asked by Thoth (through me) if he would care to go on a “mission” to Olrig. He agreed. Essentially it was to install a small rose quartz Seed Skull within the house, but of course there is always more that one thing, with such multi-dimensional missions.

The following is Rex’s account of his week at Olrig. The photos taken by him as well.


First of all I would like to Thank Michelle, the current owner for allowing me to stay at her Beautiful Home. As you will see from the photo’s it is an extensive property. I was the only one staying here but never felt any uneasiness about this even at the end of dark corridors where I was looking for a light switch. The Energy that is inside the house is Exquisite, Ancient and “Hospitable”.

Before I tell of the making, I would draw your attention to some of the photo’s.

The large “circular” stone flat on the ground with a smaller stone on top of it is covering a hole beneath, the large stone actually wobbles when you stand on it. There is a small hole in the middle of the large stone which has been covered by the smaller stone, suggesting that it was either a receptacle for “Something” or it is in fact a distorted Mill Wheel. I considered this place for the staff at first.

1661766_10204947920150182_8723926981511705977_n - CopyIn one of the photo’s of the House (snow on ground) there is an open Pink doorway, to the left. Next to this is an Octagonal shaped structure. THERE IS NO WAY IN FROM THE HOUSE. A door on the other side is shut firm and the large keyhole Flap has been painted solid with the door and so will not slide sidewise allowing a key. This may be the Cellar entrance via a circular stairway inside. The windows are boarded up. I know some of you were eager for me to find the Basement, but I still do not know for certain that this is the way down below there is no other way down from the house as I checked all rooms bar the private quarters of Michelle.

Please see my comments I have made for the Olrig album, concerning the fallen trees and the “land bulges and underground structures.” ( Maia: I couldn’t find any comments, but Rex is referring to so many places on the property where it is evident that underneath lies older structures and caved in areas…tunnels?)

In the early hours of my last day I was awoken suddenly by an urge to get up….so I did….it was about 4 am. I had gathered the materials I would need to make the installation except the sand from a nearby beach) but something played on my mind…I would need help getting the large Stone pot I had previously selected up the stairs as it weighed more than One man could carry on his own. Also was the floor strong enough…

Then it all came to me in a flash and I was “told” to go back to the greenhouse, take the wheelbarrow and get one of the large plastic tubs I had seen there yesterday. So out into the night I went with my pocket torch…I found a suitable pot and Low and Behold an unopened large bag of Compost. This was ideal as I was also wondering if I could carry enough sand back from the beach in my smaller bucket to fill the pot. I wanted the sand from the nearby beach as it is Silica.

Around about Dawn I went in the car to the beach and gathered the sand, I also found the two large stones which are placed next to the Installation. One is Quartz and the other from Iron that is found in the local stones. By the time I get back and have had some food etc time is moving on and I am eager to start moving all my materials to the “west wing” and the stairwell so that I can start assembling it.

Then I hear the “voice” again and it says ” Go back to the fallen Tree”…I protest not enough time I would have to put back on all my winter outdoor clothes and go off walking for some distance……

But I go back to the Fallen Tree and after removing the stones embedded still in its roots now exposed to the sky, I place these stones upright into the ground around the tree and pay some little attentions to it as I do…. (there are 3 pics I think of this tree, showing distinct underground wall structure.)

10982446_10204947925150307_7401874548314363526_nI was about to leave and get on with my work..then I saw it lying exposed above ground a new Bud and Shoots of a SNOWDROP… had been dislodged by the falling tree from the ground. I picked it up and carefully take it back to the house where I immediately put it into some soil, a small glass for now. It was the Final Piece I needed and So so very important to me. The Grounds around here are covered In Snowdrops …..Everywhere, everywhere they are.

10426223_10204947944230784_4337677532772970711_n - CopySo The White Stag (Maia: the staff Rex made) was “Planted surrounded by sand and stones and then a layer of compost…On top of this layer I placed a small 5″x4” slab of Local stone and embedded it into the soil leaving a clean stone surface above upon which I placed the Seed Rose Crystal Skull. (This skull was cleansed in Kangen Water 9.5PH water. Then Placed in the centre of my Glass Flower of Life installation at my home which lies within the Ixion Wheel of Glastonbury. Here it Charged up initially. NO one else has touched this skull since its cleansing. It was shown to the Ancient Ones at Tar Aghen prior to being placed here.) Then I put a layer of Sand over the whole thing so that the skull no lies inside a layer of Silica. Another layer of compost into which I arranged the standing stones and also planted the Snowdrop Bulb. A final layer of sand was added.

In Some of the photo’s you will see Orbs of Light around the Installation. Make No Mistake this was not some smudge on my lens, The sequence of the shots show that on the next shot the light circle has gone. (See Amanda’s Comments on the album photo concerned.) ~ REX


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