OSIRIS & the Osiris Host


OSIRIS Host Crystal Skull OSIRIS Host Crystal Skull

This article is a continuation of ISIS & OSIRIS

In the mythos of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, there were many overlays and changes made through the centuries before they wound up in the Pyramid Texts and other ancient sources. The story of Osiris told in the Pyramid Texts is quite a mixture from various story tellers, each feeling that could tell the story just a little bit better. The actual historical person who were the “first” Osiris, Isis, Nephthys and Horus are pasted into the legends only slightly. However, the main purpose of these stories was to employ the dynamic images of these Beings who came to Earth (Osiris, Isis, Nephthys from the Blue Star Rigel), and Horus their son, who was born on this planet –  as representing allegoric characters revealing a deep truth of the energetics they embedded into the time wave and energy…

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