OSIRIS Fire Star Kachina


My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa came to me the other day and said: “OSIRIS is the Fire Star Kachina.” Occasionally he drops a one-liner bomb on me like that lol. I haven’t had the time to pursue it with him until now.

So Thoth, Dear Friend…please tell us more!
[my comments are in bold brackets]

Thoth:  First, the components . . .

* Each of the 72 Dweller Beings / Crystal Skulls is represented in situ [within our local field of holographic observance] by 12 of the Dweller Beings / Skulls. These 12 are located in actuality in different locations on and in the planet..and some are “Metatron” – located in other cosmic [non-earth] dimensions. The TWELVE [which were 11 until a few years ago] are bi-located holographically into the Gurideva Enclave of Mt. Kailash.

[ (from a previous transmission in 2009) . . .it was revealed to me that…

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