The Horus Bearer

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The Horus Bearer

From Osiris-Rem-Nebket & The Staffs of Osiris

Transmission from: Thoth / Chariot of the Sun (Thoth’s Merkabah)
Date: 10/28/97
Subject: Osiris-Rem-Nebket

Thoth / Sun: We speak to you now of Osiris-Rem-Nebket. Osiris-Rem-Nebket is a abouet, an energy vessel created by Osiris and the priests and priestesses of Khefum-Ra in the Days of Egyptos before the Deluge. In the Temple of Khefum-Ra, so the priests and priestesses entered the Halls of Amenti and beseeched the Lord Immortals to create with them an abouet which would serve to initiate ‘Sun Born’ throughout the ages, long after their time as guardians of the Solar Threshold had passed. Thus was Osiris-Rem-Nebket created, through the portal of the Great Osiris and into the Vault of Osiris in the Temple of the Risen One. Like His Host, Osiris, He is the ‘Black Lord’. His skin is a brilliant blue-black, his eyes are…

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