ISIS Host Crystal Skull in Egypt


(click on first image to scroll through gallery)

Our StarWalker, Lynn aka Celest’RA has returned from Egypt and we had a wonderful conversation yesterday about her journey. It was amazing! She could easily write a best-seller about her Egypt experience.

I leave Lynn’s story for her telling on The Living Universe, but I wish to share just a snippet with you concerning the ISIS skull and it’s activating of OSIRIS in the Great Pyramid.

The security around such sacred sites in Egypt as the Pyramids of Gizeh and the Sphinx are very tight now…not so much so when I was there in 1997. No one was allowed to take anything with them into the Great Pyramid.  But to give some back story here for a moment . . .

In the transmission from Thoth concerning the ISIS Host Skull and it’s modus operandi in the service of the Osiris Arising…

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